FINCH THERAPY, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)


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I found the above adds after my consultation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had a Carpal Tunnel Release operation in November 2013. A few weeks later I made an appointment at the above clinic. I was given treatments every two weeks and had to do some of the MAT exercises at home. After several weeks of this my body was well aligned. This week I went there for a follow up examination. This turned out to be okay. I was advised to have another follow up examination in three months time.

Thankfully my carpal tunnel syndrome has improved a real lot. My right hand is close to normal again! Also I seem to have a much better balance in my body. I would say the FINCH THERAPY really made quite a difference in my well being. Peter underwent the same therapy and is quite happy with it. This therapy helps with muscle activation. However arthritic pain is a different matter. The therapy cannot help with this. Both Peter and I suffer more or less from arthritic pain. This can be very painful at times. We are told, keeping as mobile as possible, is what we should aim for. Both, Peter and I, try to move about as much as possible.

I told one of the therapists that we were being kept very busy over Easter since we did have a few visitors staying with us and going on a lot of outings with us. The therapist asked me then if we went out for coffee. I said we did not go out for coffee so much. I should have told him then about all our different outings. But there was no time for this.

So were did we go? Just to recollect: There was one outing to Port Kembla Pool and Beach early on Easter Saturday morning. The same day we went to the Nan Tien Temple for a delicious vegetarian lunch. And of course we had a good look at some of the temple interiors and surrounding beautiful grounds.

Easter Sunday, very early in the morning, we went for a walk in the Minnamurra Rainforest. Later on we had a Buffet Lunch at the Novotel in Wollongong. When I said we had 15 people at our place on Good Friday, the therapist asked me whether I had to cook for all of them. I said I cooked lunch only for seven of us. The others came later.

I could have mentioned that our son cooked a lovely meal for us on Saturday night after we got home from the temple. He cooked Ravioli and there was a sumptuous salad to go with it.

As far as my diary goes, I could mention that Peter went already twice this week to get new top dentures fitted. Yesterday he had to see his eye specialist in Figtree. We went to Figtree together on the bus. While Peter saw his doctor, I ‘amused’ myself in the nearby shopping centre. Shopping centres make me feel very tired. And I had been up since 5 am already. We arrived home for a quick lunch. Then Peter drove me to my heart move class at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre. Well, that was only yesterday. I remember I felt extremely tired during the class. I like to go to these classes when I feel more rested. These heart move exercises are actually great fun. There is always such invigorating Latin American music to go with it, as well as Vienna waltzes.


I just had another look at Peter’s post about Easter Sunday, the 8th of April 2012, which happened to be our son Martin’s birthday. I just loved looking at all the pictures again. Reblogging it on auntyuta gives me the opportunity to share it with my blogger friends. I think the pictures are very lovely! 🙂

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After our not so French coffee break we continued our drive up the mountain road. Thanks to GPS, installed in the car, we were always sure where we were and where we were heading. Martin had no trouble finding the place we wanted to go to, while Uta and I enjoyed the scenery. Suddenly we were stopping at the drive way

We could hardly see the house for the trees. Somewhere up the hill it must be, we thought.

Somehow we found a way up there and sure enough the reception committee was waiting for us.

We hadn’t seen our Grandson and his young family since the Christmas holidays and they had moved to a new location. There are still a lot of things to do for Tristan and he looks like a pioneer of time long gone. Still, he found the time to read his girls a story and…

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April Snow

We went as migrants from Germany to Australia in 1959. Eighteen years later we were able to go back to Germany for a visit. Peter had taken his long service leave. This is why we could stay in Germany for about two months, from the middle of March to the middle of May. The year was 1977. Peter looked up now the date for Easter Sunday of that year. It was actually the 10th of April.

Peter and I, we both distinctly remember Good Friday and Easter Sunday of 1977. On Good Friday late in the evening we went outside after we had seen a wonderful opera performance (Aida!). We saw gently, gently a few snowflakes coming down. During the following day the snow disappeared because it was not cold enough for it to remain.

However on Easter Sunday we went with Peter’s family to a restaurant called ‘Die Zwiebelstuben’. The same thing happened. We looked out of the window and saw snowflakes ever so gently coming from above and settling on the ground. It was such a peaceful picture. We just loved it.

People have been telling us recently, this year they still have a lot of snow all over Berlin. They are sick and tired of the cold temperatures. They are longing so very much for spring to arrive. They say in April it should be much warmer already. And they think it’s about time that the snow should disappear. Snow in April? It reminds us a bit of the snow we saw in April of 1977. However the snow in April of 1977 didn’t last for very long. We just noticed it on a couple of nights and soon it was gone again.

These two nights in 1977 when we saw the snowflakes coming down, these two night were an unforgettable experience for us. This sort of calmness you usually would remember in connection with Christmas. But this was not Christmastime; it happened to be Easter of 1977. Really wonderful.

Holy Thursday

Sometimes we need just a bit of encouragement to do something good for ourselves. When the doctor quite casually said to me the other day my health would improve if I did a bit of walking, I took this really to heart. I saw him some ten days ago and have been walking for about half an hour nearly every day since then. Last Saturday I didn’t walk because of some tremendous pain in my mouth. I did get some antibiotics prescribed for the infection in the mouth. So on Sunday (Palm Sunday) it had been much better already.

Just arrived back from my early morning walk. Peter came along with me. I appreciate this so much when he does this. Peter will be going for his little run towards the evening when it’s a bit cooler. Peter is happy to run every second day. Sometimes his knee plays up. Then he has to miss out on a run.

After my walk I’ve again been sweating a lot. Tried to get rid of most of the sweat with a towel (the way the tennis players do!). I think my body is more or less back to normal now. So I’ll soon take a shower and get ready to go out for some shopping.

Day after tomorrow (Saturday at ten o’clock) we have to be at another funeral. One of our neighbours, a dear old man age 86, died on Tuesday.

I hope I can make it to the Stations of the Cross tomorrow, Good Friday.

From Sunday to Sunday

  1. Two weeks ago we were still in Melbourne for the Easter holidays. Last Sunday we were in Summer Hill (Sydney) for Siobhan’s Fundraising Concert. Siobhan Patrick is a friend of our daughter Caroline. She holds a Graduate Diploma of Music (Opera) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  In December 2011 she made her oratorio debut as soprano soloist in Handel’s Messiah at Wollongong Town Hall. Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I loved this performance. I mentioned it in one of my blogs in December.  Concert Pictures

‘Next month Siobhan will travel to London and Berlin for operatic couching and professional development, thanks to a grant from the Australia Council. Following this, she will spend a month in Italy and a month and a half in Austria, attending two prestigious opera summer schools. At these programs, Siobhan will work extensively on her languages, rehearse with top European opera coaches and directors and meet with international opera agents.’

This is what it said in the program of the fundraising concert. The program included French, German and American songs. In the second half of the program Siobhan was supported by two excellent guest artists singing songs from La Traviata, Rusalka, Die Fledermaus and La Boheme.

Associate Artist Sharolyn Kimmorley was accompanying on the piano throughout the program. Siobhan has a beautiful voice and we wish her all the best for her stay in Europe!

When I wrote about all our activities over Easter in Melbourne I did not mention that I actually did not make it to church over Easter. Last Sunday the concert was in the afternoon. We travelled to Summer Hill by train. Because of this, again I did not make it to Sunday Mass.

Well, I made up for it yesterday. It was a warm, sunny Sunday again. I walked to church for the 9,30 Mass. Father Francis, the new priest, is young and enthusiastic. Yesterday he talked about it that if some-one says he loves God but does not love his neighbour, then he is  lying: For you cannot love God if you do not love your neighbour! I like it that what he says is always accompanied by a bit of humour.

Here in Australia it is supposed to be autumn now. However since it was rather warm and sunny yesterday, it felt once more like a late summer  day. Walking home from church and meeting  Peter on the way ( he always loves to meet me after church half way to walk home with me) I suggested we could go to Bulli Beach: Enjoy the beach for a while and then have lunch at the Bulli Beach Cafe!

Unfortunately by the time we arrived at the beach, the skys had clouded over again. But we still had a lovely couple of hours at the beach. At first I took a few pictures. Then Peter started taking pictures also. After we had been in the water we did not feel like taking any more pictures. There should have been some photos of our fish of the day lunch (grilled salmon with chips and salad as well as fruit salad and a glass of water). On the way home we bought some cake for afternoon coffee. Sorry, no pictures of the cake either. We had a yummy piece of leamington cake each and added to this some delicious cherry jam and custard. Later on we played a few games of Rummikcub. We play this with tiles. It is a very relaxing game.

Another Sunday gone. This coming Wednesday is a public holiday in Australia, namely ANZAC DAY.

I think I’m going to publish the pictures we made yesterday in another blog, so that I can publish this writing straight away.


Easter Monday was our last day in Melbourne. Not far from where our son lives in Essendon there’s a nursery, called the POYTONS NURSERY. Martin drove us there. This really made my day. It is such a lovely place. It has a NURSERY, A CAFE and a GARDEN ROOM.

First of all we made it to the cafe. Afterwards Martin selected a huge blueberry plant from the outside nursery.

At the cafe I had a pot of tea and a wonderfully fresh fruit salad with a selction of about seven different fruits. I shared it with Peter and Martin since it was more than enough for the three of us. P and M had some cake and coffee. The display of cakes looked heavenly.

Here are the names of some of the cakes that were available: Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Gluten Free Orange Clementine, Gluten Free Chocolate Addiction, Heaven Sent Nougat Fudge . . . .

I felt I would have loved to take lots of photos of the place. However none of us had thought of bringing a camera along. Looking up the above website you get a very good impression what the place looks like. We talked about it how Tristan, Steph and the girls would love the place. At the cafe you can also have a very good lunch.

Easter Monday was the day for Peter and me to go back on the nighttrain. Martin dropped us off at Southern Cross Station. Our train was due to leave at 8 pm. It should have arrived from Sydney at 7 pm. But it wasn’t there! They announced a delay. Then they announced another delay and another one.

It was a cold night. However we found room in a heated waiting room. Finally the train arrived at a quarter past 9 pm and was ready for departure back to Sydney at 10 pm. We got off at Moss Vale. By that time it had lost another one and a half hours because of speed restrictions on the way. Long before Moss Vale we could see from the train already some morning light. It looked very beautiful. I tried to capture it with my camera. However it didn’t turn out to look as good.

Our railway coach, that was supposed to take us down from Moss Vale to Dapto, had long gone of course. But another smaller bus had been organised and straight away took all the passengers along who wanted to travel to Albion Park, Dapto or Wollongong.From Dapto Station we went home by taxi.

We arrived home at 10 am. Just three and a half hours later than we thought we would arrive. It was good to be back home!

Easter Sunday 2012

I have here now some of the pictures we took on Easter Sunday.

Last night we heard about the earthquake near Aceh. This certainly terrified a lot of people. What a relief that this time it didn’t result in a huge tsunami.

Yesterday the selection and insertion of the pictures for this blog was a bit exhausting. Today I think I ought to write a bit more about our visit. So I am about to do some editing now

Stephanie offered cups of tea as soon as we arrived. I chose flavoured green tea. Peter had black tea with goats milk. Tristan’s family have goats milk for every day consumption. They have their own goats on the property. The girls always drink goats milk and love it.

Everyone went with their cups of tea down the block to where the barbecue was set up. I prefered to stay on the verandah watching from the top the going ons from up there. I enjoyed my green tea out of the stainless steel cup. It was the perfect drink to have outside on this fresh sunny morning. The two girls were a pleasure to watch roaming about in their fairy dresses. Tristan and Martin went about getting the fire going in the barbecue dish. Peter took photos walking here, there and everywhere. Steph was inside. She had taken it upon herself to assemble the blackboard we had brought along for the girls. We had also brought along some books for the girls. A couple of these books Tristan took to reading to the girls soon after our arrival. Tristan is an excellent reader and the girls are excellent listeners!

Here now a few of the goats pictures that Peter took.

For more information about Easter Sunday go to Berlioz1935

On the Way to Whoop Whoop

Easter Sunday, 8th April 2012

This is our son’s birthday. We are with him on our way to his son’s place in Whoop Whoop. Martin is 52 today and he drives us all the way to Whoop Whoop. On the way we stop at a cafe. We have home-made scones with home-made jam and fresh cream. Instead of tea we have filtered coffee. It’s still early and we are the only customers.


Some time later we arrive at our grandson’s place. Tristan, his wife Stephanie and their children Kia and Jaki are already expecting us. We are lucky with the weather. It’s still a bit chilly, but there’s sunshine and it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain as has been forecast.

We bring our son’s birthday cake along which Peter baked the previous day. It’s a ‘Baum-Kuchen’, that is a ‘Tree trunk cake’ because when you cut it, it looks like the inside of a tree trunk. Peter found the recipe in one of our very old German cookbooks. Steph and Kia watch how Great-Granddad carries the cake up the escarpment.

Tristan’s family, they live high up. Very steep property. The cars have to be parked at the bottom. The family only moved there very recently. A little while ago they lived on their property in Tasmania, which they sold. So now they live in the vicinity of Melbourne.

We love being able to visit them. Towards the end of the year we’ll probably book a cabin nearby. Then we can visit them again. It is such a beautiful area. I am very much looking forward to go there for a visit in our Australian summer.

In one of my next blogs I am going to publish some more photos of our visit with the family. We had a lovely barbecue with them. And there are going to be pictures of the cake too with a sparkler and the little girls in their fairy dresses enjoying holding sparklers in their hands.

For today I have only the pictures of Peter carrying the cake and Steph and Kia watching.

Berlin – Paris Return

Memories from EASTER 1954.
I was nineteen and a half!

Mum belonged to a theatre subscription group. The members were mainly elderly. For Easter 1954 this group had organised a bus-tour to Paris. Mum did not want to go and asked me, could I go instead. I agreed.

The distance Berlin – Paris is about the same as Sydney – Melbourne. However we did not drive straight through to Paris but had an overnight stop on the way, even though there were two busdrivers. On the way back, which was Easter Monday, the busdrivers had to go straight through, arriving in Berlin late at night.

The Paris accomodation for two nights was at Montmartre. I had to share the room with three elderly ladies. Not only that, I had to share a double bed with one of the women! The organisers apologised because of this. For the following night they had found another room for me: I was shifted to a different hotel to share a twin bedroom with our travel-hostess from Berlin who was an attractive woman in her twenties.

During the day a young French guide had shown us around. There was also a young woman who acted as interpreter. I saw a lot of Paris in the company of the two French guides and our two busdrivers.On top of this there was a young man from Berlin who had come on the bus with us. We called him ‘Bubie’. He was twenty and about to be apprenticed with a company in London. So he was quite an interesting young guy. However, I thought he was a bit full of himself. Typical of me to be so critical! In Paris and on the bus though he was good company for me. The old people soon started making comments such as: ‘Oh, quite soon an engagement might be taking place.’

On the night when I was supposed to share the room with our young tour-guide from Berlin, we had all been out dancing until the early morning hours. When I arrived at the door to my room, the door was locked. I knocked and knocked. Nobody opened. One of the busdrivers, who had been out with all of us, suggested to come to the busdrivers’ room which happened to be in the same hotel. I said this was out of the question. I wanted to be let into my room!! Busdriver-boy said: ‘She may have somebody with her in the room!’ I said I didn’t care if she had a lover-boy in there or not. I wanted to get into my bed!! After more and more knocking and a long, long wait in front of the room the door opened. Yes, indeed a lover-boy had been in the room with my room-mate. Lover-boy disappeared then. I was finally let into the room and into my untouched bed.

As a matter of fact only one of the busdrivers had been out dancing with our party. The other, a bit older one, had dutifully gone to bed quite early and was fit the next morning for the long busdrive back to Berlin. He wouldn’t let the younger one drive much. He must have been under the impression that the guy hadn’t had enough rest and was feeling rather tired!

Karl, my friend, had remembered the day and time when I would arrive back in Berlin. It was after 10 pm and he was waiting at the bus-stop with his bike ready to take me home. My little suitcase fitted on the back of his bike. I fitted at the front. Off we went. He was a smoker. The best thing he could think of to give me before we parted was one of his cigarettes. This was when we were not in front of my house but just around the corner. I smoked a bit of the cigarette telling him that I had had a good time in Paris. Then I left him. He had been surprised that my mum had not thought of meeting me at the bus-stop. As it turned out, Mum was not even there when I arrived home: She was at her friend’s place. I went back to work the following morning.