Easter Monday was our last day in Melbourne. Not far from where our son lives in Essendon there’s a nursery, called the POYTONS NURSERY. Martin drove us there. This really made my day. It is such a lovely place. It has a NURSERY, A CAFE and a GARDEN ROOM.

First of all we made it to the cafe. Afterwards Martin selected a huge blueberry plant from the outside nursery.


At the cafe I had a pot of tea and a wonderfully fresh fruit salad with a selction of about seven different fruits. I shared it with Peter and Martin since it was more than enough for the three of us. P and M had some cake and coffee. The display of cakes looked heavenly.

Here are the names of some of the cakes that were available: Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Gluten Free Orange Clementine, Gluten Free Chocolate Addiction, Heaven Sent Nougat Fudge . . . .

I felt I would have loved to take lots of photos of the place. However none of us had thought of bringing a camera along. Looking up the above website you get a very good impression what the place looks like. We talked about it how Tristan, Steph and the girls would love the place. At the cafe you can also have a very good lunch.

Easter Monday was the day for Peter and me to go back on the nighttrain. Martin dropped us off at Southern Cross Station. Our train was due to leave at 8 pm. It should have arrived from Sydney at 7 pm. But it wasn’t there! They announced a delay. Then they announced another delay and another one.

It was a cold night. However we found room in a heated waiting room. Finally the train arrived at a quarter past 9 pm and was ready for departure back to Sydney at 10 pm. We got off at Moss Vale. By that time it had lost another one and a half hours because of speed restrictions on the way. Long before Moss Vale we could see from the train already some morning light. It looked very beautiful. I tried to capture it with my camera. However it didn’t turn out to look as good.

Our railway coach, that was supposed to take us down from Moss Vale to Dapto, had long gone of course. But another smaller bus had been organised and straight away took all the passengers along who wanted to travel to Albion Park, Dapto or Wollongong.From Dapto Station we went home by taxi.

We arrived home at 10 am. Just three and a half hours later than we thought we would arrive. It was good to be back home!

5 thoughts on “EASTER MONDAY 2012

  1. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:

    Two years ago, in 2012, we were in Melbourne over the Easter period. I reblog this post for I want to add some information about Poyntons Nursery.

  2. I remember, Linda, waking up on the train, looking out of the window, seeing the light coming up on the horizon looked absolutely marvellous!

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