Experimental Photos on a dark Sunday Winter Morning June 2014


RIMG0076 (2)




RIMG0082 (2)

RIMG0082 (3)

I have my laptop in a very small easy to heat room. I love this small space on a cold winter morning. It feels so snugly warm. Still I have diverse layers of clothes on. I am out to keep as warm as possible. I do not want to catch a cold. With temperatures like we have right now I cannot be too careful! The forecast for today is: Cloudy, windy, max. temperature 16 C. ¬†This means no sun! Doesn’t sound very good, not good at all. If it gets very windy, I better stay indoors. I do not like cold wind!

Peter is watching a football game in the living room: England versus Italy. I took my coffee to this computer room to occupy myself with taking pictures rather than watching another football game so soon after yesterday’s game: Chile versus Australia. I liked the way the Australians played, but really I am not that much into football that I want to watch every available FIFA World Cup game. But it is great to see that so many people get a lot of enjoyment out of it. In many cities all over the world the games are being watched on big outside screens. Our twin grandsons watch the before mentioned game in a pub in London right now!

All the above photos I took this morning. I glanced some very colourful clouds when I looked outside. My pictures are just some trial pictures. I saw the cloud much more colourful. It did not turn out that good in the photo.

There are several pictures on the wall in front of my laptop. One picture is titled “Family Name History”. The picture was given to us on our 50th Wedding Anniversary by our children. It says a lot about our family name. The print is rather small. This is why it did not come out well in the photo. Maybe some other time I can try to take a better picture of it.