Tropical Greenhouse

DSCN4801DSCN4809The Main Tropical Greenhouse promised Tropical Plant Diversity. It was diversity all right in such a huge building, going upstairs and downstairs a lot. After that lovely walk we had through the gardens of course I didn’t want to miss out on this beautiful greenhouse to top it all. The greenhouses were truly magnificent, but gee, was I exhausted in the end. And thirty. What about some refreshments? There was an outside area were lots of people were sitting with drinks and cakes. We sat down too. To get refreshments. you had to queue up. Our friend volunteered to get something for us. I asked her to get me a beer, please, instead of coffee. This beer turned out to be the right kind of refreshment for me. I felt immensely refreshed after I drank it. DSCN4819DSCN4821DSCN4818DSCN4813DSCN4814