A beautiful Day at BERKELOUW’s Book Barn, 22nd January 2016

Today we had another look at Berkelouw’s Book Barn after we had not visited it for many years. It was a very good place to meet up again with G and H.

In one of Berkelouw’s pamphlets it says:


The Book Barn at Berrima is the first of its kind in Australia and responds to the demand of the reading public for inexpensive fine quality secondhand books . . . . ”

After not having visited the Book Barn for a number of years, we were astounded, how the facilities have improved. There is a huge restaurant area as well as a well established winery and a magnificent place for wine tasting!




DSCN0827 (3)


I very much liked the pizza and the salad with flowers for lunch and later on a glass of wine at the cellar door.



The poplars that lead to the book barn look as healthy as ever!


On the way home we had a quick stop at Robertson Pie Shop.


And then we had to drive down MacQuarie Pass in dense fog and rain!


All the way home it rained steadily. Luckily the rain was not as heavy as it had been the day before. Last night we had some flooding in our home. When we arrived home today, there was still a bit of rain but thankfully no more flooding. Also after yesterday’s heat-wave with temperatures well over 35C, it is very much cooler today. Australia Day is coming up next Tuesday. Already today, Friday, a lot of traffic was building up for people going South to have a long holiday weekend.

Uta’s Diary, June 2015

Peter took this picture near BELVOIR Theatre on Sunday.
Peter took this picture near BELVOIR Theatre on Sunday.
Peter says he took this picture because the lake can be seen a little bit in the background.
Peter says he took this picture because the lake can be seen a little bit in the background.

I must admit it never occurred to me that it was possible to see the lake from this spot at the OAK FLATS BOWLING CLUB. I am talking of course of LAKE ILLAWARRA. We used to live near the BOWLING CLUB. To go down to the lake took us only a few minutes.

Last Sunday we had mostly sunshine. It was very pleasant to be out in the sunshine near the lake where we went for a walk. Later, in the Bowling Club, where we had lunch, it was beautiful warm. We stayed there with our friends for three and a half hours! It was good to see them, catching up on all the new.

Peter later complained to me that we were talking too much about sicknesses. Klaus and Tilde are about the same age as we are. They are thinking about selling their home to move to a retirement village. That makes me wonder whether Peter and I are going to be able to cope indefinitely in our own home.

Our friends know people who had to move to a nursing home. They pointed out how awful it must be to move from a large, comfortable home to a confined space in a nursing home. However, once you do need constant nursing care, you do not have much of a choice, do you?

When husband and wife, both need to be in a nursing home, it can happen, that they are being separated and have to move to different nursing homes. Even if they end up in the same nursing home, they would probably have separate rooms, each one of them sharing their room with one or more strangers.

We were discussing how fortunate people are who die before they have to go into a nursing home. To live in a retirement village it is different, of course. You have your own private unit where couples can stay together. But you do get help with the things you cannot do for yourself anymore.

The disadvantage is that these residences are usually privately run and can cost quite a bit of money for the private organisations do have to make a profit for their share-holders. Peter’s and my mantra seems to be to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible!

At the moment we have quite a bit of rain here in Dapto. It has been raining off and on since Sunday night. Monday morning I went for a little walk before it starting raining again. Today, Tuesday, it is very wet and cold. No sunshine, none whatsoever. Ah well, I am comfortably warm near a heater.

Around lunchtime we’ll be going out to buy some groceries. Peter hopes that the rain is going to ease off a bit so that he can go for some running before we go out in our car for our shopping. Peter did not do any running for a couple of days. So he’s really keen to do it today.