My October 2020 Diary

On the 6th of October I published a post with the following message:

“Some followers keep asking, how is Peter. I am afraid to say, that Peter is very disabled now in that most days he can hardly move at all. Today, he is about to undergo some bone scans. It is very difficult for Peter to move in a way that it does not hurt too much. The painkilling tablets that he has been given so far, do not seem to help much at all. Peter has a lot of kidney trouble. A lot of water stays in the body and causes much swelling, especially in the feet and legs.”

The nuclear bone scans showed that Peter’s bone cancer has spread!

Because of some very nasty constipation Peter was admitted to hospital on the following day, Wednesday, 7th of October. On Monday, the 19th of October, he could finally come back home. A lot of alterations were being done to our home to make Peter more comfortable. We are very happy that he did not have to stay in hospital, for now it is possible that a lot of family can visit him. Our son, Martin, who lives in regional Victoria, hopefully may be allowed pretty soon to come to NSW to stay with his Dad. Martin is already extremely distressed that so far he was not allowed to travel to Dapto, not even for compassionate reasons! In a letter written by

Senior Staff Specialist Oncology & Radiotherapy, Wollongong Hospital
Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong

the following was stated about Peter’s condition:

Diagnosis: metastatic carcinoma of bladder: hepatic and skeletal metastases

It says: I am writing this letter in support of Mr Hannemann who is a patient of mine suffering from terminal cancer. . . .

Today I republished some pictures that I took exactly six years ago. In 2014 Peter and I had a lovely walk on that 31st of October: