My October 2020 Diary

On the 6th of October I published a post with the following message:

“Some followers keep asking, how is Peter. I am afraid to say, that Peter is very disabled now in that most days he can hardly move at all. Today, he is about to undergo some bone scans. It is very difficult for Peter to move in a way that it does not hurt too much. The painkilling tablets that he has been given so far, do not seem to help much at all. Peter has a lot of kidney trouble. A lot of water stays in the body and causes much swelling, especially in the feet and legs.”

The nuclear bone scans showed that Peter’s bone cancer has spread!

Because of some very nasty constipation Peter was admitted to hospital on the following day, Wednesday, 7th of October. On Monday, the 19th of October, he could finally come back home. A lot of alterations were being done to our home to make Peter more comfortable. We are very happy that he did not have to stay in hospital, for now it is possible that a lot of family can visit him. Our son, Martin, who lives in regional Victoria, hopefully may be allowed pretty soon to come to NSW to stay with his Dad. Martin is already extremely distressed that so far he was not allowed to travel to Dapto, not even for compassionate reasons! In a letter written by

Senior Staff Specialist Oncology & Radiotherapy, Wollongong Hospital
Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong

the following was stated about Peter’s condition:

Diagnosis: metastatic carcinoma of bladder: hepatic and skeletal metastases

It says: I am writing this letter in support of Mr Hannemann who is a patient of mine suffering from terminal cancer. . . .

Today I republished some pictures that I took exactly six years ago. In 2014 Peter and I had a lovely walk on that 31st of October:

10 thoughts on “My October 2020 Diary

  1. Very sorry to hear of this situation, Uta. It is very hard to watch a beloved person suffering, and I really hope that as many of your family members as possible can come to give you and Peter their love and support. My very best wishes to you both.

  2. I’m so sorry. Both Peter and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Realizing how difficult this must be for both of you, I can only wish you both my concern and hope.

    1. We thank you very much for your good wishes, dear Lew. We are extremely grateful that everything is being done to make Peter comfortable at home. Lots of caring people do help us! We hope our son Martin can soon come across the border from Victoria to NSW. The contact tracing seems to work pretty well now all over Australia. We are very lucky that there are now hardly any cases of the Corona Virus! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear all of this, Uta.
    Please know that you and Peter will remain in my thoughts and in my heart.
    I know this is a very difficult time. But, I know you will find the joys in each day…even if they are little joys.
    Thinking, too, of all of your family and friends. I hope they can all be there to give you and Peter some support and help.
    Please give Peter a gentle hug from me.
    (((HUGS))) to you, too, Dear Uta.

    1. Yes, Carolyn, our family do give us a lot of support and help. And as soon as the border opens, our son Martin can be with us too. Peter and I say thank you, dear Carolyn, and we wish to hug you too! 🙂

  4. Uta, Earlier this spring when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer I stepped away from blogging for a while. I just couldn’t find the time and didn’t have the emotional energy. All along as we’ve faced some difficult times I’ve been thinking of how we are surely not alone! There are millions of people worldwide suffering illness and many undergoing really difficult crises. I am so very sorry to read here of Peter’s tremendous challenge, and I will keep him, and you, in my prayers. It is a really hard time for anyone with a loved one hoping for close family support, and yet being asked to keep distanced. This is really sad for me to read. This has obviously been going on for a while, but I’m just now getting caught up. I’m so sorry!

    1. Debra, I thank you so much for commenting! Yes, Peter has suffered from bladder cancer for over four years. Then nearly three years ago he was sent to a cardiologist who advised a triple by-pass operation! Because of his brittle bones, Peter decided that he did not want this operation. Until about six months ago he could still live a comparativele painfree life. But then he experienced kidney trouble and now liver problems and cancer of the bone. He is on lots and lots of medication. This and being at home surrounded by loving people helps. Australia is very lucky: There are hardly any cases of Corona Virus now, and any cases that do turn up can be traced pretty soon. So there is a good chance, that soon our son may be allowed to cross the border between Victoria and NSW to be with us! 🙂

      1. My goodness, Uta. Your heart must be heavy watching Peter suffer. I cannot imagine, but I do care, and I want you to know I was sincere in saying I would pray for him, and you. I am and I will! Australia has done such a good job with Covid, and the U.S. is a mess. But since I can’t do anything about that, we just do our best to be careful and responsible! Blessings to you, dear Uta. Difficult times, I am sure.

  5. I am very impressed, Debra, and very, very grateful that so many people and all of our family care so much and show so much love. It is very comforting that everything possible is being done to ensure that Peter’s last days are being made is comfortable as possible.
    Thanks for your caring, dear Debra. I wish you and your family good health! 🙂

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