Does it have to go?

In the middle of 1977, after we had returned from our overseas trip to Germany, we bought this shell-bed. It was beautiful! When we moved to a new house in 1994 we bought a new mattress for our shell-bed. Well, this was nearly twenty-two years ago. So we still sleep in this shell-bed. Does it have to go now? Do we need a new bed? I wonder . . .

Our Guest Bedroom

We have three bedrooms in our house. Bedroom 1 is the master bedroom, bedroom 2 the study, and bedroom 3 the guest bedroom. We have had quite a few guests staying in that room over the years,  usually single people, who came to visit us for longer periods and stayed in that room which used to have a single bed and lots of book-shelves in it as well as a built-in wardrobe. For instance, Peter’s sister Ilse, who lives in Berlin (Germany), came to visit us several times for extended periods. Also my ex-sister-in-law Klaudia, who also lives in Berlin, came to visit us once and loved her stay in Australia. Several times Hertha, a friend from Melbourne, stayed with us as well, and we had lovely holidays with her, showing her our beautiful area.

Next year my brother Peter Uwe and Astrid (his second wife) want to visit us here in Australia. So we are now in the process of renovating the guest bedroom! With all this our daughter Caroline and her partner Matthew turned out to be a great help. They have already painted the guest bedroom. On the 10th of February they are going to bring a double bed over from Sydney. That means, they can stay in that guest bedroom for the coming months. On weekends they intend to continue painting all the rooms in our house! At the same time they help us to get rid of unnecessary accumulated stuff!



Recently we found out that the big tree, which can partly be seen on the right of this picture, has to go: It is poisonous!


I looked the following add up in wikipedia:

Painter Wanted!Step 1

1. Tell Painters What You Need

Step 2

2. Painters Offer Quotes & Prices

Step 3

3. You Choose The Best Painter!


I once published under “pages” a post with the title: “Who is Moving?” Originally I probably wrote parts of this already in 2008. Presumably I saw then in the paper that a low priced house was on offer in Goulburn. At the time we had this idea that if we relocated we might end up with a bit of money left over for our travels.

We did not relocate. Actually nothing much has changed since then. We still look after ourselves, meaning we are not at that stage yet where we do need some home care. I glanced in “pages” today at what I published under the title WHO IS MOVING. I did mention then that we could not very well move to a new home such as the one that was advertised in Goulburn because this particular low priced place seemed to need some renovations. My thinking then was, that we were too old to do the required renovations ourselves, and to pay somebody for doing the renovations would be too expensive. So we concluded we were better off just staying put where we were, namely here in Dapto.

We moved here into our present home on my 60th birthday in September 1994. It was a brand new home then. All the walls had been freshly painted of course. Peter has painted the walls only once since then. This was towards the end of 2000. He painted the walls and all the woodwork in all the rooms. Only the ceilings did not get any fresh paint. They must have been done with good paint for even now after having lived here for twenty years they still look fairly good. Recently Peter started contemplating that a new paint job is kind of overdue. He wants to do all the rooms again, and this time including all the ceilings as well.

So far so good. Peter is pushing 80 now. I ask him, do you think you can stand on a ladder and do the ceilings yourself? Well, he says, he wants to give it a go. He reckons, maybe he can do the ceilings standing on a table. And he thinks if he does everything at a slow pace, he may eventually be able to do all the rooms in the house, one after another. Yea, let’s hope it is going to work out all right. 🙂