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Painter Wanted!Step 1

1. Tell Painters What You Need

Step 2

2. Painters Offer Quotes & Prices

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3. You Choose The Best Painter!


I once published under “pages” a post with the title: “Who is Moving?” Originally I probably wrote parts of this already in 2008. Presumably I saw then in the paper that a low priced house was on offer in Goulburn. At the time we had this idea that if we relocated we might end up with a bit of money left over for our travels.

We did not relocate. Actually nothing much has changed since then. We still look after ourselves, meaning we are not at that stage yet where we do need some home care. I glanced in “pages” today at what I published under the title WHO IS MOVING. I did mention then that we could not very well move to a new home such as the one that was advertised in Goulburn because this particular low priced place seemed to need some renovations. My thinking then was, that we were too old to do the required renovations ourselves, and to pay somebody for doing the renovations would be too expensive. So we concluded we were better off just staying put where we were, namely here in Dapto.

We moved here into our present home on my 60th birthday in September 1994. It was a brand new home then. All the walls had been freshly painted of course. Peter has painted the walls only once since then. This was towards the end of 2000. He painted the walls and all the woodwork in all the rooms. Only the ceilings did not get any fresh paint. They must have been done with good paint for even now after having lived here for twenty years they still look fairly good. Recently Peter started contemplating that a new paint job is kind of overdue. He wants to do all the rooms again, and this time including all the ceilings as well.

So far so good. Peter is pushing 80 now. I ask him, do you think you can stand on a ladder and do the ceilings yourself? Well, he says, he wants to give it a go. He reckons, maybe he can do the ceilings standing on a table. And he thinks if he does everything at a slow pace, he may eventually be able to do all the rooms in the house, one after another. Yea, let’s hope it is going to work out all right. 🙂

10 thoughts on “RENOVATIONS?

  1. You can do most of the painting from the floor with a roller and handle. Of course, the corners and cutting in has to be close and with a hand held brush. Now-a-days there are all sorts of people keen to work and perhaps a handy man might do it fairly cheaply. I too might have to contemplate painting but am perhaps still younger than Peter (74) but not all that steady on ladders. Our apartment/ is about 8 years old but with no smoking the walls, ceilings and woodwork look pretty good. We had double glazing put in and our first gas heating bill was already a lot lower. This Thursday we are getting a couple of sky-lights put in as well.

    1. Thanks very much for commenting, Gerard. Your advice is that most of the painting can be done from the floor with a roller and handle. This does sound easy, however Peter is scared of the spillage. He reckons he would end up with too much splashing around of the paint. He already told me, this time he is going to stick to old fashioned brushes. .I very much doubt that I can change his mind on that. As far as I am concerned, my excuse is that I have a problem with vision (blind in one eye) and with balance. I usually have to be extra careful with the way I move, especially sudden movements can cause trouble. My balance is good enough If I start slowly warming up. Then I can even do a bit of dancing! 🙂

      1. The trick with using a roller is to do the rolling slowly. That way the paint does not get flung off. The lower the centrifugal force the less it is likely the paint gets flung or departs from the roller.
        Painting ceilings with a brush is terribly tiring on the arm and really a bit unnecessary. Roller is the answer.
        Glad you can still dance Uta. A slow waltz is probably the best for you.

      2. You got it right, Gerard, slow waltz, I love it!
        What you say about how to use the roller, makes a lot of sense. I’ll show your recommendations to Peter. Thank you so much for pointing all this out to us. 🙂

  2. Encouragement for you, Uta and Peter: my mother was still painting ceilings at the age of 90, with a plastic rain hat on her head, using a roller on a stick. And an excellent job she made of it! No need for ladders or stools to stand on.

  3. Danke liebe Ute ja ist im Moment schlimm muss viel Geduld haben ist leider Krebs habe nie gedacht das ich so was mal bekomme aber ich muss dadurch am Montag bekomme ich vom Krankenhaus das Ergebnis hoffe es ist nicht so schlimm.Lieber Gruß und einen schönen Tag.Gislinde

    1. Ja, liebe Gislinde,hoffentlich wird das Ergebnis am Montag zeigen, dass es nicht so schlimm ist. Sicherlich wirst du eine Behandlung bekommen können, die Krankheit in Schach zu halten. Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass du da gut hindurch kommst! Alles Liebe und versuche, dir ein recht schönes erholsames Wochende zu machen, ja? Viele herzliche Grüsse,
      deine Uta.

  4. Auntie Uta, I don’t mean to be “off topic” but I found this lovely page with the sweetest picture and thought and you came to mind immediately. Take a look:

    I hope you are well and the thought of Peter on the ladder or the table is really frightening. I wonder if there is a church or other youth group that might come and help you with this painting task. Where I live, there is a church group that comes out once a year and does such things. Anyway, just a thought.


    1. Thank you, Devon, for the link as well as the suggestion concerning who might be able to help us. I am sure, somehow we’re going to work it out. Both Peter and I are well. We just had a lovely family reunion at one of our favourite holiday places. Soon I am going to publish some pictures from this reunion.
      Cheerio, Uta 🙂
      Thank you for the permission to reblog your post!

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