Uta’s Diary two Weeks before Easter 2016

I am a bit overwhelmed when I think about it that it is only two more weeks to Easter. I feel like I am just drifting from day to day. Sharing temporarily our house with our daughter and her partner, our life has changed. It is like having moved to a different house.

Often I imagine what it would be like to have to move to a retirement village, to a hostel or to a nursing home. How much of our stuff could we take with us, and if it cannot be a place where we can have an independent living unit, what then? Could Peter and I stay together in a hostel or a nursing home? Not very likely, not at all.

C and M lead very busy lives. Still, since they have moved in with us, there have been quite a few very enjoyable hours when we could spend time together. The young people are such good company for us. We had to make a bit of room for them in our little house. That meant we had to get rid of a lot of our stuff, for instance books:


I probably do have a better understanding now why people find it very difficult to move from a long established larger residence into a very much smaller residence. It is hard to make the decision that there are certain things in your life that you do not need any more.

Our daughter lived in her flat in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney for more than ten years. Her partner and his teenage son (he turns 21 this month) lived there with her for close to ten years. They established their own household. They worked out a plan how to move some of their household stuff into our home. The plan worked out on the whole surprisingly well. Most of these boxes with their stuff they were able to unpack and find some room for the contents:


Since I walk around a lot barefoot, I ended up with some very hard skin, especially under my right foot. Actually this week it got somewhat inflamed after I tried to cut off some of the skin. So for a couple of days I suffered quite a bit of pain. Thankfully it is getting better now.


I like to sit outside in the morning sun. This simple garden furniture from their porch/terrace in Waverly (Sydney), which C and M had painted themselves many years ago, they wanted to throw out. But I told them I love it. So it is now installed at the north side of our house. There are a lot of trees, but the morning sun gets through a bit, and we love to sit there with our morning tea.