“Nobody inherits emails and tweets!”

Nobody inherits emails and tweets!”

This is what Wally says in Di Morrissey’s novel that I talked about yesterday in my blog:


So, I think Wally raised the point that what is written down as a family history, can be passed on to future generations.

Wally says there is a chance that someone might find the written down family history sometime in the future and become interested in it. But something like this is not going to happen with emails or tweets. And I think this statement is correct!

This statement makes me feel good since for the past few years I tried over and over again to write down as much about my family history as I could remember. According to Wally I seem to have done the right thing writing down whatever I could. There is just one thing, I am still far behind in copying everything onto paper. To my mind it is much safer to leave everything on paper besides having it in the computer. So far having my writing in the computer seems to be more or less safe. However, I am not so sure that safety is guaranteed for all eternity! It should really be one of my priorities to copy my writing onto paper. Why do I find it so hard to persevere with this? Many distractions. perhaps? The distractions seem to be never ending. I make excuses every day why I cannot do certain things. With advancing age there are days when I find it difficult, to continue reading interesting articles in the media or in WordPress. This dreadful lethargy makes me just play games on the computer. At least, usually I am still capable of getting good results when I play these games. I stick to three different games only. I am not interested in finding any more games to play on the computer. These three games, that I keep playing, I find to be enough entertainment. I do not want to get bogged down with any more games!

My three games on the computer are:

  • Free Cell
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Solitaire

Today, after a break of two weeks, we finally managed to do some house cleaning again. I was happy to be able to share in the task, and I was also very happy when after a couple of hours or so I had the feeling that now the house was reasonably clean again.

The next thing on the list was travelling to Warrawong for a bit of shopping. Peter was not very happy when I suggested a tea-break. Bunnings, the huge hardware store, where we managed to get a few things that we had been looking for, well, this hardware store was not air-conditioned. It was very hot and humid outside. The hot humid air was allowed to fill the store through the open doors. I think a few fans were blowing in the shop. It was not disastrously hot, but the humid air made it extremely uncomfortable. I usually do not like a lot of air-conditioning, but when the hot air is so very humid, then I am really grateful for a bit of air-conditioning. Our next stop was the huge Warrawong Shopping Centre, and this place was cool.

This is when I suggested our tea-break. It took a while to talk Peter into it. When Peter goes shopping by himself he never stops for tea or coffee. And very reluctantly he agreed to have this tea-break with me.


Today was the day after Australia Day. The coffee/tea shop in the shopping centre still had some Australian flags on display.

One week ago, on Saturday, we had our lunch meeting with the future in-laws. The wedding of Caroline and Matthew is going to take place in three weeks time, namely on the 17th of February 2018. This is the day when twelve years ago Caroline and Matthew met for the first time!





Following is something I wrote in November 2007. It sounds like I could have written this today, only now I am four years older!

Time is running out . . . .

At age seventy-three, how much time do I have left? With every year time seems to be getting more precious. Whatever I still want to do in life, I should be doing it soon, very soon. There is no need to panic. It is just this feeling in me that I ought not to waste time; in other words, I should make the best use of it I possibly can. Making time for reflections as I do right now, I do not regard this as a waste of time. It nourishes my soul, it makes me look forward to spend the day in a productive way. There are the Christmas preparations to consider. How can I keep them to a minimum with that special Christmas Spirit in mind? Some spiritual songs usually help me along to get into the mood. Even in shopping centres the odd Christmas song can bring about temporary elation, a feeling of peace and comfort in a buzzing shopping centre! And even if this sort of mood happens only for brief moments while doing the shopping , it is still appreciated and helps to cope with the mad commercialism that surrounds us everywhere.

The special food at Christmas I like very much. On the other hand I hate it, if food is being wasted. I rather have not too much food of everything. How awful, if food has to be thrown out because we cannot keep it fresh enough in the Australian heat once it leaves the fridge. There may be one and a half dozen people at our family gathering. People bring food along. I would like to keep the food that I am going to provide to a strict minimum. Unfortunately I know already that this is an impossibility at Christmas time! I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear it. I am determined to make the most of the Christmas Spirit where-ever I may come across it and enjoy the closeness of family and friends. Indeed I am looking forward to a Joyful and Happy Christmas. I did not always feel joyful and happy at Christmas time: There are some happy memories about Christmas, but there are also some very unhappy ones . . . . May the truly happy hours at Christmas time be plentiful and greatly outnumber the sad and lonely hours! This is what I wish for everyone.

Going shopping with Gaby . . . .

Going shopping with Gaby and Honey, who’s Gaby’s lovely companion dog. Once every two weeks we meet our daughter Gaby in Merrylands Shopping Centre to help her with her shopping. Gaby loves to bring her dog along too. Since Honey is a registered companion dog for a wheelchair person, she’s allowed to take the dog into the shopping  centre. However when she goes to the supermarket to buy her groceries, the dog has to stay outside, that means ‘Grandma’ Uta has to stay outside too to mind Honey, while Grandpa Peter helps Gaby with her grocery shopping which usually takes her the best part of an hour. I don’t mind sitting outside, where there are some comfortable seating arrangements and carpets for the dog to stretch out on. Honey is no trouble whatsoever. I’ve been known to sometimes nod off a bit when I feel tired!

Yesterday however, when we met Gaby again, I kept myself awake the whole time while waiting for Gaby and Peter. What kept me really awake was an e-book which I liked reading very much. When we had some coffee earlier on, I asked Peter to take a picture of Gaby and me. Then I thought it would be nice if Honey was in the picture too. So I lifted her up. That made me laugh outragesly because it’s not normally my habit at all to lift Honey up. (Can’t remember ever having done it before.) Looking at the picture now, I really don’t like it very much, but I’m going to include it anyway for I don’t have any other pictures for today. I asked Gaby, would she mind if I put her pictures in my blog. Her answer was, that she didn’t mind at all, since she’s always being recognised by a lot of people anyway.

While I minded Honey, quite a few people talked to me about her,  recogning her as Gaby’s dog, petting her and asking about Gaby’s whereabouts. Yeh, Gaby is well known, that’s for sure. And not just in Merrylands but also in a lot of other suburbs of Sydney. In her electrified wheelchair Gaby travels around a lot on trains, busses and taxis. Nearly every day she goes out on her own somewhere. A collection box sits on the table in front of her, also her mobile phone. She collects money for a charitable organisation.  Some people approach Gaby on a regular basis to give her a donation. Honey, being fastened to Gaby’s wheelchair, always makes the rounds with Gaby. So no wonder that Gaby is a well known identity in Sydney.

Gaby was born 1957 in Berlin and came to Australia before she was two years old. On her fourth birthday she became very ill. The doctor who saw her at home, said the measles were around. That Gaby could not move at all, did not seem to make him suspicious. Then we called another doctor who established immediately that Gaby indeed could not move at all and an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital. It turned out she was struck down by polio. So that was fifty years ago!  – – – – –

It is amazing, what a well adjusted person Gaby is. She loves to live and do all the things that are possible for her to do. She loves eating and collecting recipies, going out with people, talking to people. In the evening she spends time with facebook, but Friday nights and sometimes weekends too she likes to go out. Overall she seems to enjoy life and makes the most of it.  I think that makes able bodied people perhaps wonder about their lives when they  find it hard to get enjoyment out of their lives.