Following is something I wrote in November 2007. It sounds like I could have written this today, only now I am four years older!

Time is running out . . . .

At age seventy-three, how much time do I have left? With every year time seems to be getting more precious. Whatever I still want to do in life, I should be doing it soon, very soon. There is no need to panic. It is just this feeling in me that I ought not to waste time; in other words, I should make the best use of it I possibly can. Making time for reflections as I do right now, I do not regard this as a waste of time. It nourishes my soul, it makes me look forward to spend the day in a productive way. There are the Christmas preparations to consider. How can I keep them to a minimum with that special Christmas Spirit in mind? Some spiritual songs usually help me along to get into the mood. Even in shopping centres the odd Christmas song can bring about temporary elation, a feeling of peace and comfort in a buzzing shopping centre! And even if this sort of mood happens only for brief moments while doing the shopping , it is still appreciated and helps to cope with the mad commercialism that surrounds us everywhere.

The special food at Christmas I like very much. On the other hand I hate it, if food is being wasted. I rather have not too much food of everything. How awful, if food has to be thrown out because we cannot keep it fresh enough in the Australian heat once it leaves the fridge. There may be one and a half dozen people at our family gathering. People bring food along. I would like to keep the food that I am going to provide to a strict minimum. Unfortunately I know already that this is an impossibility at Christmas time! I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear it. I am determined to make the most of the Christmas Spirit where-ever I may come across it and enjoy the closeness of family and friends. Indeed I am looking forward to a Joyful and Happy Christmas. I did not always feel joyful and happy at Christmas time: There are some happy memories about Christmas, but there are also some very unhappy ones . . . . May the truly happy hours at Christmas time be plentiful and greatly outnumber the sad and lonely hours! This is what I wish for everyone.

23 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. May your heart and mind be filled with more happy memories and only enough challenging times so you’ll cherish the happy ones even more.

  2. Dear Mary-Ann, thank you very much for this lovely response! Yes, I cherish the happy memories. Today we had a Christmas lunch with all our neighbours: We were four elderly couples and four widows. Two of the widows had lovingly set up the party for all of us. It was a wonderful experience to see us all harmoniously sitting together for a splendid Christmas lunch!

    1. I am honoured, Kate, that you give me this award. Thank you! However I am not quite sure whether I can handle everything that is set out in the rules. I have to consult with my husband on this because he’s more computer versatile.

  3. I want to pick your brain- actually your memories- and your husband’s if you two will allow me. But at times the subject might not be something you want to go anywhere near. Just after the war years, and a little during. I can tell you the ideas I have but I’d rather do it in private. Let me know. Nothing personal. But not too pleasant I would think. Let me know.

  4. You are a very special lady, Aunty Uta, and I am fortunate to have found your blog which you have filled with great emotional/spiritual treasures. I wish for you an incredible year filled with health, happiness and the warmth on knowing you are loved. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I didn’t know you are 73, Aunty Uta. Wow, will I one day be….

    I’ve been visiting people’s posts of 31 DEC’11, but see you didn’t do one. It’s fun, you know – to see what people said last new years. And here we are already, on the verge of another new year.

    Blessings & well to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, Noeleen! It’s great that you look up some of the older posts. About my age, well, I’m pushing 80 now because I was 73 ind 2007. You see, already in 2007 I had the feeling that time is running out. I do not find this scary in the least; on the contrary, this is how it should be. I think I am very lucky that I’ve made it so far. I am grateful to God for such a long life and being still comparatively healthy.

      Thanks for the blessings. Wishing you and Daniel, your son, all the Best too for the New Year!

  6. I think it’s the festivities and aesthetic beauty of the holidays that sometimes serve to heighten the sorrows and ache that many harbor in the year-end holidays. Love the crisp green shot of Berlin and the precious photos from your childhood!

  7. Glad you like to look at my photos, Diana. Won’t be long before another Christmas comes around. Mothers Day was a good family occasion too. I always love it when quite a few family members can get together.

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