21st September 1947

I turned thirteen in 1947 and was allowed to invite my friends for a party. Being a teenager was really something to celebrate!

Looking at the photo brings back memories. Actually I was especially looking for this photo because I wanted to publish one with Cordula in it.

My brother Bodo is right to the left, then there is Eva, (mentioned quite frequently in my writing), then there is Cordula; next is the daughter of a baker we knew, then a schoolfriend, then me; next is Lilo, who is also mentioned in my writing, then two more school-friends. In the front are Krümel and my brother Peter. (Krümel is the sister of Eva and I had mentioned her in one or my earlier blogs.)

About the four school-friends in the picture I could blog a bit. Cordula didn’t really know my school-friends and I didn’t know hers because we were in different school years.