21st September 1947

I turned thirteen in 1947 and was allowed to invite my friends for a party. Being a teenager was really something to celebrate!

Looking at the photo brings back memories. Actually I was especially looking for this photo because I wanted to publish one with Cordula in it.

My brother Bodo is right to the left, then there is Eva, (mentioned quite frequently in my writing), then there is Cordula; next is the daughter of a baker we knew, then a schoolfriend, then me; next is Lilo, who is also mentioned in my writing, then two more school-friends. In the front are Krümel and my brother Peter. (Krümel is the sister of Eva and I had mentioned her in one or my earlier blogs.)

About the four school-friends in the picture I could blog a bit. Cordula didn’t really know my school-friends and I didn’t know hers because we were in different school years.

3 thoughts on “21st September 1947

    1. Very good question, Mary-Ann. I think with the baker’s daughter I lost touch very soon. I probably invited her because I had been invited to her birthday party together with Eva. I remember the bakery and all the lovely cake! With Eva and Krümel we didn’t keep in touch much longer. Bob, who’s real name is Bodo, lives in Berlin, Peter lives in Neu Canow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

      I don’t know what happened to these four school-friends in the photo. There are a few other school-friends who I was able to meet in 1980 at a class reunion. Some of them did really well. Cora wrote me some lovely letters over the years and sent photos. She lived in Middle East for a while. In 1986 we visited her in Stuttgart for afternoon coffee. We had a very nice meeting with her and her family, that is Peter, Caroline (she was only seven) and I drove to her place. At the time we were staying at Auntie’s place for a few days in a town near-by.

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