Today is the Twins’ Birthday!

Twin's Birthday 2011
Troy with Grandma
And this is Ryan with Grandma
And this is Ryan with Grandma

Today, 27th June, 2020, is the twins’ birthday! Happy Birthday Troy and Ryan! 🙂
HUGS from Grandma and Grandpa 🙂

These pictures were taken on the twins birthday in June of 2011.

The twins’ birthday pics were taken just a few days before I started blogging. My profile pic that I still use, was cropped from that birthday pic where you can see me with Troy.”

When the boys were kids they were often together with our daughter Caroline. So Caroline is in these pictures here too. The boys loved to call her “aunty Caroline” just for fun. But she really is their aunty. Unbelievable! Sometimes people thought the three of them were triplets. However we had to explain then, that Caroline is more than six months older!

T one

T three

T four

T five

So the above pictures are of Troy, Ryan and Caroline when they were kids!

Here is a link to my blog from 2013: