The Twin’s Birthday this Month

Twin's Birthday 2011

And this is Ryan with Grandma
And this is Ryan with Grandma

These pictures were taken on the twins birthday in June of 2011.

Two months ago I published the above pics and in one reply to a comment I said these grandsons looked like little angels when they were kids. And Munira said that she can’t imagine them as kids. Ha, ha! So I replied:

“All right, Munira, as soon as I can scan pics again, I’ll show you how they looked when they were little! The twin’s birthday pics were taken just a few days before I started blogging. My profile pic that I still use, was cropped from that birthday pic where you can see me with Troy.”

Well, their birthday is coming up next week. So here I am publishing what they looked like as kids.
I went through all our photo albums this morning and unfortunately I could not find this special picture of the twins where they really look like little angels.

It’s very frustrating after looking for hours for one particular picture it still is nowhere to be found!
We just have too many pictures. Well, the pictures of the twins that I can publish today are all more than thirty years old or at least close to thirty years. The twins are going to be thirty-four years old in one week. When they were kids they were often together with our daughter Caroline. So Caroline is in these pictures here too. The boys loved to call her “aunty Caroline” just for fun. But she really is their aunty. Unbelievable! Sometimes people thought the three of them were triplets. However we had to explain then that Caroline is more than six months older.

T one

T three

T four

T five

27 thoughts on “The Twin’s Birthday this Month

  1. Three beautiful children and good looking adults. I love families where the generations get muddled, with aunties and uncles even younger than their nephews and nieces!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Cat. For Caroline, our youngest daughter, it was great to often have the twins as playmates when they were little. These photos bring back happy memories of seeing the three children happy together.

  2. So sweet! I often thing about how kids nowadays, grow up with camera’s practically attached to their schnazolas. They become so acclimated to having their pictures taken that they don’t even think about it. Whereas, for previous generations, the farther we go back in time, the more magical where those few images that froze time.

    1. You are right, Linda, if we go further back in time, the pictures that were taken then, become very special. Peter and I have a few pictures from early last century. We do treasure them, of course. With the amount of pictures that are being produced these days I wonder what future generations are going to do with them all? Are most of them going to be lost in cyberspace? I wonder. Printed pictures we seem to be doing less and less these days. I usually make sure to get at least a few pictures printed from time to time. It’s amazing how low priced the prints are these days. They are really very affordable. 🙂

      1. One way I’ve managed to archive pictures is by creating a photo book. It’s not terribly expensive and it provides a more permanent record than even old photo albums did….with photos slipping out and getting lost. My German relatives began a tradition several years ago of presenting me with a calendar each year. Even before digital photography made this easier, they would glue several photos to the page for each month. I’ve saved and treasured all of these calendars, watching the kids grow up and the rest of us grow wrinkled.


        Photos slipping out and getting lost . . . . I find this so annoying, Linda. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to sorting out our huge photo collection. 🙂

  3. Was für schöne Bilder ich wünsche dir einen schönen Mittwoch wir haben es in Deuschland im Moment sehr heiß soll aber ein Gewitter geben Grüße von mir und alles liebe für dich.Gislinde

    1. Hallo, Gislinde, bei uns ist es immer noch recht kalt. Wünsche dir noch recht schöne Sommertage und viel Spass beim Wandern an der Ahr.
      Liebe Grüsse, Uta.

  4. Hahah, thanks for the mention Aunty Uta! 😀 And also for trying to find the particular picture you were looking to showcase (I’m disappointed you didn’t find it) nevertheless these pictures are so lovely! The last one is my favourite….beautiful play of light and shadow 🙂
    Many happy returns to the twins!

    p.s feel free to share the angelic picture whenever you do find it!

    1. Oh, for sure Munira, I’m going to share this angelic picture whenever it turns up again. I’m glad you liked these photos.
      Thank you! 🙂

    1. Ryan is in a steady relationship. They have a beautiful son now, namely iittle Lucas.
      Troy on the other hand is still looking for the right one. He’s had several chances already, but nothing permanent came of it so far.
      But I think so too, Ian, that they’ve both grown into very handsome young men. 🙂

  5. They were certainly were great looking boys, and now of course good looking young men. Wishing them Happy Birthday or maybe belated birthday wishes.
    Sheila x

  6. What wonderful men they look! 🙂 You should be so proud.

    Aha – so that’s where you got your profile pic from. You look really well here 🙂 Just wonderful.

  7. Gerard: They haven’t changed, both of them are very affectionate, which is great. And both of them have grown into rather tall men, whereas I have shrunk quite a bit!
    On Sunday the family is going to meet for a belated birthday lunch. Our daughter Monika is going to be there as well as Ebony with baby Lucas. Ebony and Ryan are the proud parents of.Lucas. He has many aunts and uncles and grandparents and is loved by all. He is our very precious great grandson. We also have two lovely little great granddaughters who live near Melbourne.

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