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14th/16th May 2017

15 May

Sunday, the 14th was Mothers’ Day, and tomorrow, the 16th is Peter’s Birthday. We had quite a few visitors yesterday and received congratulations and gifts. Peter’s cakes were praised a lot. In the evening Caroline’s future mother-in-law came to visit, and we had a very pleasant evening with her as well as Caroline and Matthew.


We are waiting for the guests to arrive for coffee and cake.

This time I took no pictures of any of our guests. However I took lots of pictures earlier on that Sunday morning.


We are going to have a “Sekt Frühstück” for Mothers’ Day. Caroline is already pre-warming our coffee cups with hot water.


The coffee cups are filled, Caroline served some fried eggs and Peter has poured the “Bubbly”. We also had a lovely Vietnamese bread-roll each (warmed up in the oven) and of course some butter.

During the morning Caroline cooked some chicken soup for her Papa to enjoy during the week. She was concerned that Peter would not find the time to cook the soup for himself as he usually does. She knows that I am not so keen on cooking this soup since I do not like the smell or taste of such soup. This is very odd, I guess, that I am very sensitive to the smell of chicken. While this soup was cooking, I went for a little walk and took some pictures. I always find my walks more enjoyable when I can frequently pause to take pictures!

When I returned home later on I did some cooking for lunch: Potatoes, Sauerkohl, heated up red cabbage and Bacon Pork Chops. For desert we had vanilla ice-cream and cherries. And for drinks we had beer and/or wine.








Peter overtook me in Lakelands Park on his a bit more fast walk/run.

I had already left home while Peter was getting ready for his outing. I was surprised when he passed me and could not resist to take this picture of him!



I liked it that I had time to stroll on a bit further. I ended up in a street where I had not been for a while. The above street sign is now nearly totally engulfed by this well growing palm tree.

I went along that lane walkway that is to be seen in the other picture. Next to the lane on the left side is this huge tree. I wonder, has it grown any further since I saw it last. Some time ago the man who lives on the right side of the lane talked to me about this tree. He was very concerned that one day in a storm it might fall over on his house!

Today now, I took some pictures of the presents that Peter and me received yesterday. The bottle of Greek Brandy Peter and I bought together for we do not want to give to each other any other gifts. As can be seen, we shared about half the bottle with our guests the previous night.




Here the camera went off by itself. Well, I think it is worth keeping this picture!

Our Walk on Friday, 20th of January 2017

22 Jan

A Walk in Toe-Shoes!

It had been a long time since we ventured for a walk in our toe-shoes. But we found out that they still did fit us all right. Surprise, surprise,  on that Friday morning we actually got ready quite early for our little walk. We thought it would be important to walk before it got too hot!


Actually, some clouds were to be seen already.

Would it perhaps rain later on? Anyhow, we started walking across the grass in our toe-shoes. Our destination was the little playground in Lakelands Park. We had not been there for a while.



Of course, the playground was still there!




Then it was my turn on the swing. What fun for an 82 year old!

On the way home we ended up among some trees. I published the tree pictures here:


Picking up Rubbish

25 Jan

Picking up rubbish – I guess Americans would call it trash. During my past few morning walks I had noticed that someone had dumped some rubbish in the park. I took a picture of it the other day. Today the rubbish was still there.


On my walks I had noticed some other rubbish near a street where probably a box had fallen off a truck. Pieces of foam, large and small, were to be seen along the footpath. Today I looked whether there were still any pieces left lying around. I had one large plastic bag and a rubber glove with me. And sure enough, I was able to fill my plastic bag with the left-over foam pieces to discard them in our rubbish bin at home. On the way I also happened to see a couple of discarded glass bottles which I took along too to dispose of them in our recycling bin.

Here now are a few more pictures I took already yesterday.

Yesterday, Friday, I took another picture of this seat which I love.

Yesterday, Friday, I took another picture of this seat which I love.

This drainage pipe to the creek is not far away from 'my' seat.

This drainage pipe to the creek is not far away from ‘my’ seat.

In the past some huge rainfalls must have caused this drainage hole which was then covered somewhat.

In the past some huge rainfalls must have caused this drainage hole which was then covered somewhat.



A tree in the vicinity of the creek

A tree in the vicinity of the creek

Some of the lantana and wild fennel that grows near the footpath.

Some of the lantana and wild fennel that grows near the footpath.







There are still some puddles left from the rain.

There are a lot of forest fires in California at present. This is surprising for it is winter there, isn’t it? I just heard on the news that California has at present a very serious water shortage. Some farmers are already in danger of going out of business. We here in Australia live on the driest continent. We know about the desirability of having adequate amounts of water. These dry spells can be horrific. Let’s hope that California is going to get some good rainfalls soon and also that some neighbouring states can help out with some water where needed.