Picking up Rubbish

Picking up rubbish – I guess Americans would call it trash. During my past few morning walks I had noticed that someone had dumped some rubbish in the park. I took a picture of it the other day. Today the rubbish was still there.


On my walks I had noticed some other rubbish near a street where probably a box had fallen off a truck. Pieces of foam, large and small, were to be seen along the footpath. Today I looked whether there were still any pieces left lying around. I had one large plastic bag and a rubber glove with me. And sure enough, I was able to fill my plastic bag with the left-over foam pieces to discard them in our rubbish bin at home. On the way I also happened to see a couple of discarded glass bottles which I took along too to dispose of them in our recycling bin.

Here now are a few more pictures I took already yesterday.

Yesterday, Friday, I took another picture of this seat which I love.
Yesterday, Friday, I took another picture of this seat which I love.
This drainage pipe to the creek is not far away from 'my' seat.
This drainage pipe to the creek is not far away from ‘my’ seat.
In the past some huge rainfalls must have caused this drainage hole which was then covered somewhat.
In the past some huge rainfalls must have caused this drainage hole which was then covered somewhat.



A tree in the vicinity of the creek
A tree in the vicinity of the creek
Some of the lantana and wild fennel that grows near the footpath.
Some of the lantana and wild fennel that grows near the footpath.







There are still some puddles left from the rain.

There are a lot of forest fires in California at present. This is surprising for it is winter there, isn’t it? I just heard on the news that California has at present a very serious water shortage. Some farmers are already in danger of going out of business. We here in Australia live on the driest continent. We know about the desirability of having adequate amounts of water. These dry spells can be horrific. Let’s hope that California is going to get some good rainfalls soon and also that some neighbouring states can help out with some water where needed.

14 thoughts on “Picking up Rubbish

  1. Yes, it is disappointing that people leave rubbish behind or even chuck it from their car.
    It seems to be getting worse. I think another campaign has to be started. Lantana is a curse along the coast.
    Even so, you gave us some lovely pictures. Thank you Uta.

    1. My pleasure, Gerard. Some years ago we had working bees clearing the bush along the creek. It was clear of lantana at the time. But it looks like it is really coming back. I’d say another working bee would be needed before the lantana becomes totally unmanageable.
      I wonder, how someone would have been able to cart this rubbish where it is now because it is impossible to get in there with a car.

  2. I don’t think I will ever understand the mentality of people who drop rubbish in beautiful places or feel the need to deface benches and walls with ugly graffiti.Thank you for picking up the mess left by others. And for the pictures.

    1. I imagine what was close to the road, probably fell accidentally from a truck. There were no houses close by, only shrubs and trees and the bridge with the creek underneath. Since there were only a few smaller pieces of foam left that were blown about along the walking path, I picked up these little pieces and had no problem taking them home to our rubbish bin. I am sure originally there were a few more pieces. I just hope they did not end up in the bush. I could not see any in the bush area. So I gather someone must have taken some pieces away already, which is just as well. Anyhow, the offending pieces are gone now.

      This graffiti on the bench, I can cope with, for it’s been there for so long, I am kind of used to it by now. There are two benches along this footpath, which have been there for many years. Quite a few years back, I think there used to be a third bench, which was dismantled bit by bit by some hooligans!

      1. We have a park near my mothers house, which used to have lovely flowerbeds and benches to sit and dream. All gone now – only grass, and the benches so vandalised that they had to be removed and weren’t replaced. Sad.

      2. This is very sad, Cath. I hope the two benches, that are left near the creek, are going to stay there for me to take a bit of a rest when needed, never mind the graffiti. At least I can still sit on them! šŸ™‚

  3. Good for you. I have a saying, once a mamma, always a mamma. I think that applies to being a mother to the earth as well, and that might define you. I have been known to stop on a ski slope or a hiking trail to pick up disgusting discarded beer cans. Why do people do this? It is so thoughtless!

    RE: California. Southern California often deals with wild fires during this time of year when the Santa Ana winds carry sparks faster than man can put them out. It is tinder dry in the almost all of the western US, (which is where I live.) By contrast, the central and eastern portion of the country have been inundated by feet and yards of snow at a time and a weather phenomenon called the Polar Vortex which shoves cold arctic air south and east over the States. We in the west keep saying, ach, send some of that white stuff our way! We need it so badly for not just recreation, but for agricultural water supply for the coming summer.

    1. Hi Linda, the problems you have in the USA sound a bit like some of the problems we keep having here on our dry island continent.

      Isn’t there something like cloud seeding to make it rain? Lots of people would wish for powerful beings, like a ‘rainmaker’!

      It’s awful when everything dries out. Even our coastal areas here in Eastern Australia are sometimes very short of rain. It can get very bad so that people are not allowed to sprinkle their lawns anymore!

      This year has been a very good year for our area so far with no water restrictions in place.We haven’t had too many very hot days yet. It rained enough this summer so I think nobody would have felt anyway the need to water their lawns to keep them green.

      It seems to me to have to water your lawn is a rather wasteful resource of a precious commodity. Some people collect tank water from their roof. If it is possible to keep your lawn nice green with tank water, this is a different matter. I mean I am all for nice green lawns if you have the means to keep them green at all times.

      Our bit of grass is usually gone if we have more than two days with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.

      1. Yes, I think cloud seeding requires certain atmospheric conditions. If there are no clouds/moisture in the air, there’s nothing to seed.

        I agree about lawns. In water precious locations, green grass lawns are pure vanity.

  4. I am asking myself, who is going to be picking up this rubbish in the picture? I guess, some council workers will eventually be getting to it, hopefully before someone gets the idea to add to it. I’ll keep you posted! Aunty Uta

  5. Good on you picking up that rubbish, Aunty Uta, but really, it’s disappointing. Michael (The Heretic) once did a post of a walk he went on in the hills around Las Vegas and extraordinarily, people had dumped couches and mattresses up the hills. Just like that. Bizarre.

    It’s great when people do something, though šŸ™‚

    1. I assumed that this foam box must have fallen accidentally of a truck. These things can happen. I don’t think the foam-box had been dumped near the road deliberately. It had split into many pieces. The creek was a bit further away. So I don’t think there was much danger of the pieces ending up in the creek. Still, I thought these pieces were bad for the environment. I considered I could pick them up if I brought a plastic bag along. The following day I came along the same way. However I had forgotten about the plastic bag! And all the pieces still seemed to be there.
      The next morning I finally went there with a plastic bag and picked up what was still there. It looked to me there were a lot less pieces than I had originally seen. No idea where the other pieces had gone. Had someone picked them up? It is possible that the larger pieces had been carried away by someone who had no bag so that the smaller pieces were left behind for you could not very well have carried them away if you did not have a bag to put them in.
      But I agree, Noeleen, it is disappointing when people dump rubbish deliberately where there definitely no rubbish should be dumped.

      1. Funny how you forgot the bag. But you’re great to do this, Aunty Uta. It does make a difference.

      2. If I were a really good praiseworthy citizen, maybe I would always walk around with a plastic bag at hand ready to pick up any rubbish someone carelessly had dropped somewhere, such as take away coffee cups, bottles, wrappers etc. But be assured, I do not do such a thing on a regular basis, just very occasionally when I suddenly decide to make a little bit of an effort. I guess every little bit helps, eh? I leave the rest to the volunteers who devote their time to it on Australia’s Clean Up Day. Now I reckon these people really do a great job. I really cannot compare myself to them, not at all.
        In the past I never thought of volunteering. And now my excuse is:
        I AM GETTING TOO OLD! šŸ™‚

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