Some more Rain onWednesday, the 12th of April 2017

Well, yesterday, on Tuesday, the weather was beautiful. We went to Corrimail to the new Primary Medical Centre:,150.7557746,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b131ed02aea0009:0xf7276eec5b93d483!8m2!3d-34.3718465!4d150.8958503

Peter’s doctor had moved from Dapto to Corrimail. The new doctor in Dapto was on a three week leave. So Peter decided he could see his old doctor in Corrimail. At the same time I managed to see a skin specialist at this centre in Corrimail. She gave me some treatment straight away. I did not have to wait! I was very happy that this service was available.

When we arrived home yesterday all my washing that I had hung out early in the morning, was dry already. It was beautiful to have fresh bed linen! Today, Wednesday, Peter had to start his BCG treatment at Wollongong Hospital. When we arrived back home, it was raining again.

Peter and Astrid were with us in Corrimail yesterday. Today they left early to catch the train to Sydney. They were looking forward to explore Sydney for one day. I hope the weather will be okay for them. They experienced a beautiful mild and sunny day with a light breeze last Saturday. They had booked a trip on the Tall Ship James Craig:

It was a beautiful sailing adventure for them. They loved it very much.

They spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Sydney and stayed overnight in Glebe with C and M. On Friday we spent the day with P and A in Sydney, visiting the Chinese Gardens and walking along Darling Harbour to where the Tall Ship was to have a look at it.

On Saturday Peter and I stayed home in Dapto, but on Sunday we drove to Glebe and had a lovely day there with C and M, and P and A.

Last week on Thursday we went to Port Kembla Beach with our guests. I still have pictures from last Thursday and Friday as well as Sunday and want to publish some of them now:

Port Kembla Beach on Thursday, 6th of April 2017


It was good to know that there were some Lifeguards in attendance even though the beach seemed completely deserted.



I bought at the Port Kembla Beach Cafe a small portion of chips.
Peter in the Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour, on Friday, the 7th of April 2017





Uta’s 2017 February Diary, (continued for the 2nd time)


After about two hours in the Day Surgery waiting room Peter was taken to one of the Holding Bays. I was allowed to go with him.

Peter’s things were put at the end of his bed.

Peter had been given a hospital gown to change into. The nurse took Peter’s blood pressure and put some stockings on him.




At 1,15 pm Peter was taken into the Operating Theatre and I had to leave. Peter had had no food and no drink, not even water, since 9,20 the night before! He could have consumed something till midnight, but he chose to go to bed early.

I had had a bit of breakfast before we left at 9 am. I welcomed the chance to go for some lunch when Peter went into surgery. I took a bus down to the Mall and went up Keira Street to the Indian Restaurant where we had been on the 9th of December when Peter had had the other operation. On the 9th of December happened also to be Caroline’s birthday. Caroline took some carer’s leave, Matthew was on leave from Uni and Monika was on her annual leave. This is why they all could stay with me and we all had lunch together in that Indian Restaurant.

This was my Lunch Special for only 8 Dollars.

This lunch turned out to be delicious. When I returned to the hospital by 3 o’clock, I was told that Peter had only just come out of surgery and was in Recovery now where I could not see him. The receptionist advised me to come back by 5 o’clock. I passed the time having coffee at the Hospital’s Cafeteria. Next to the Day Surgery Centre is a beautiful spacious lounge room as well as an outside terrace with quite a few seats. First I tried the terrace, but it soon got too hot there in the afternoon sun. So I found a lounge seat next to a table with several magazines. One magazine announced that Prince Harry is getting married in September. I also had our TIME magazine with me. In the TIME magazine I found for instance a very interesting article about sleep. The following is one section of that article which confirmed my belief that 7  hours sleep each night is the most healthy.


The following two links show what I wrote about Peter’s operation last December.

Shortly before 5 o’clock I went back to the reception desk on floor 1 near the main entrance. According to their computer Peter had just been released from Recovery and was about to be taken to B 4 East.  I then took the lift to level 4 , where Peter had just arrived and was given a bed in the ward that is mainly for Urology patients.

Peter soon could send messages from his phone: One message to Monika, who was still at work in Wollongong, the same message to Caroline and Mathew in Sydney and also to our son Martin in Melbourne. They all were happy, that the operation did go well without any complications.

In this ward Peter stayed for only one night. The following day he was allowed to go home.

On Tuesday, the day of the operation, our daughter Monika had changed her shift from 9 o’clock start to 10 o’clock start so that she could pick us up and drop us off at the hospital. After her shift, which ended at 6 pm on that day, Monika came to the hospital to see Peter and then take me back home to Dapto.

I ended up being extremely tired when I arrived home that night. Regrettably,  I had then some quite restless sleep that night, but got out of bed very early the next morning because I could not go back to sleep.

Monika came again to pick me up to take me to Wollongong where she had to be at work already at 9 o’clock. We left early to beat the traffic. Shortly before 8 am I was already in the hospital and could go straight to the ward to see Peter who had just received his breakfast tray. The policy in the hospital is, that one person is allowed into the ward from 8 am on already. From 10 am on more visitors are allowed in. Peter was happy that I could come in early.

Peter stayed in the ward till lunch time. One woman in Peter’s room had to cancel her meal, probably for some medical reason. We never talked to her, for she was behind a curtain. But the nurse offered me the spare meal which was Mac/Cheese. I accepted and really enjoyed this meal. It was an excellent meal. Very tasty! Peter had a meal with lots of vegies and some chicken.

We know that Monika had to work till 5 on that day. To ask her to take us home would have meant many hours of waiting time. Peter felt well enough, to go to Dapto by bus and catch a taxi back home from near the bus stop in Dapto.

A sister said she’d have to ask the doctor whether it was ok for Peter to go on the bus. Luckily the doctor said it was ok. So with great relief we were home by early afternoon.

As compared to the operation in December Peter recovered this time much more quickly. This is really good.





The last month of 2016

This is part of Wollongong Hospital. I took this picture on Sat. 10th of Dec 2016
On Friday, 9th Dec, Peter had been admitted to the hospital. We were allowed to accompany him to this Holding Bay before he went to the operating theatre.


The 9th of Dec was Caroline’s birthday. Since we were not allowed to see Peter for some time, we took the chance to all go out for some lunch in Wollongong, sort of like a birthday lunch for Caroline.

Soon after lunch we went back to the hospital and found out that Peter was doing all right. The procedure had been going as well as expected. (In the meantime we found out that Peter has to undergo the same procedure another time in a few months.)

The following day, Saturday, Caroline and I went to visit Peter in hospital. This was the day when Caroline had some major problems driving our car. With the help of Matthew the car ended up in the repair shop. Monika was still on leave and could help us to pick it up again after it was fixed the following week.

Late on Sunday morning Peter was allowed to go home. I had been waiting with Caroline and Matthew in the ward in his room. We were all very happy, that he was allowed to leave the hospital already on Sunday. Since our car had ended up at the repair shop, it was up to Matthew to drive all of us back home in that very small and very old good Proton. Matthew thought, there was nothing to it. Within a few minutes he had us safely in our home. Peter’s recovery did not take long. The main thing was, that he had to drink lots of water all the time (he still does!) and go to the toilet frequently.

In the meantime we have had our anniversary: We have been married for 60 years now! Someone took a picture of us in 1956 a few months before our wedding. However, we do have no wedding pictures! We thought they would cost a bit too much money.

Uta and Peter in 1956

We do have a few pictures of our 60th Wedding Anniversary. I am going to publish them in another post.

On the 21st of November our daughter Monika became a grandmother for the third time. Her daughter Roxy delivered in Wollongong Hospital a beautiful boy, named Carter Scott, a son to Roxy and Scott.
He is a cousin to Lucas and Alexander.

Pictures from Monday, the 5th of December 2016

Wollongong Hospital
The old  Entrance of Wollongong Hospital at Crown Street


At Wollongong Mall
At Wollongong Mall








The other side of Wollongong Hospital
The other side of Wollongong Hospital

This month there are two birthdays to celebrate in our family, namely on the 5th and on the 9th of December. Instead of on Monday, we celebrated Monika’s birthday two days early, that was Saturday. We may have to celebrate Caroline’s birthday somewhat later because tomorrow, Friday the 9th, is the day when Peter has to go to hospital. We hope it wont be too long before Peter can go back home again.

Last Monday Peter had to go to the hospital for another blood test. We went into Wollongong by bus. There’s a bus stop right in front of the hospital. We thought that this was great. We liked that better than having to struggle to find some parking for the car. At the hospital Peter did not have to wait long. In no time at all he was out again. Another bus took us to Crown Central where we were taking a few Christmassy pictures. We also used the opportunity to do a bit of extra shopping in Wollongong. At the Churro Mexican Cafe we had something to eat and a very spicy hot chocolate drink. Our favourite! Feeling quite tired we went by bus back to Dapto Shopping Centre where our car was parked. Before driving home, we had first to get a few more things in Dapto Shopping Centre. It was a very hot day. We were glad, when we finally arrived back home to have some delicious ice-cream and afternoon coffee and a bit of a rest.