Diary about a blog by Keith Davis published by the AIM Network on August 17, 2019


This is a blog by Keith Davis published by the AIM Network on August 17, 2019. I read it today, and I also read the 32 replies that were published by the AIM Network.

Keith Davis wants “equality, and an end to violence against women in our society!”

Among other things Keith asks: “Who, on average, kills one Australian woman each and every week of each and every year of each and every decade?”

These killings of course are a terrible crime. So, we know, these killings are mostly done by men. But what actually drives some men to commit murder? Is it a power game? Do they want to show that they have more power than a woman by resorting to killing or to some kind of abuse? In what cases do women have the power to defend themselves?

Is it a matter of feelings, of not being able to cope with angry feelings? But then, what makes such men feel so much anger?

Do men in general feel a need to show dominance over a woman? In our day and age, where women rightly strive for equality between the sexes, can some men just find it too hard to grant a woman ‘equal’ rights?

Many different circumstances may result in violance against women in our society. Apart from violent behaviour, which on the whole might be the exception, I ask myself, where, oh where, do we find an understanding between men and women? My experience tells me, it does exist. In some cases maybe it does not exist permanently. Divorces in our society are quite common, aren’t they? I reckon a vast number of reasons may lead to divorce. On top of it maybe a significant number of women these days do not want to commit themselves to marriage because they aim for absolute indepedence.

This gender equality thing, does it lead some women to want to be so independent that any relationship apart from a ‘platonic’ relationship is out of the question? Maybre some of these women prefer to become lesbians? But even in a lesbian relationship one of the partners would have to become more or less dominant, or not?

Maybe a sexual relationship can be over-valued. I mean it is beautiful when it happens and when it is mutually satifying. But for people with this strive for independence and no inclination to want to raise children, maybe they are better off without a sexual relationship or possibly a very casual relationship if you can rely on the partner to be right with this. If not, it may lead to a lot of complications or a break-up of a great friendship!

Two Women, Ecclesia and Synagoga

What it said about these two women from the Middle Ages I found very remarkable. This is just one of the many interesting things we could read about in the Jewish Museum. It made me reflect on people’s attitudes towards religion many centuries ago! Here now I do not want to hesitate to add this picture from the Jewish Museum . I’m glad I looked through the pictures in our files once more and found it. I remember I was very moved by it when I saw it for the first time. I still think it is an outstanding document about a time past.