Two Women, Ecclesia and Synagoga

What it said about these two women from the Middle Ages I found very remarkable. This is just one of the many interesting things we could read about in the Jewish Museum. It made me reflect on people’s attitudes towards religion many centuries ago! Here now I do not want to hesitate to add this picture from the Jewish Museum . I’m glad I looked through the pictures in our files once more and found it. I remember I was very moved by it when I saw it for the first time. I still think it is an outstanding document about a time past.



7 thoughts on “Two Women, Ecclesia and Synagoga

  1. The Jewish Museum works really on two levels. it gives an overview of Jewish life, and its influence, throughout the centuries in Germany. The other level is of course the Holocaust. Here it is not so much shown what happened in the concentration camps but what happened to individual families. The modern building by Daniel Libeskind gives you some ideas what the condemned people felt.

    Your readers might want to read a bit more about the museum here,_Berlin

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Berlioz Peter!
      And thanks also for this link to the Wikipedia. This provides some excellent information for interested bloggers. It’s great that you thought of it! I had the feeling at the Jewish Museum that there was a constant stream of visitors. I thought this was marvellous. There seems to be a thirst for better understanding in a lot of people.

    1. Well, this sort of thing apparently goes back to the Middle Ages!
      I wonder why a church had to depict a different faith as being ‘inferior’?
      Thanks for the comment, Eliz.

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