Wet Weather Problems

What a huge tree it has become!
What a huge tree it has become!

It is still a huge tree, even though Peter just cut off about a dozen huge leaves. Why did he have to cut off some more of the leaves? Well, we had some problems with water coming through the roof onto the bathroom heating-lights! This was the other night after we have had a few horrendous downpours. So the next morning (that was yesterday) he looked at the roof to find out whether there were some lose tiles. To his satisfaction all the tiles seemed to be in the right position. However some huge, wet branches of the palmtree were hugging the spot of the roof where the water had come through.

Peter decided all these branches needed cutting off. He set to work straight away. My foot was pretty sore again that morning. Peter realized that I needed to rest it. But he asked me to come out with him anyway to keep him company. He set up two chairs for me, one to sit on, the other one for putting up my legs. I felt quite comfortable sitting there and took some photos while Peter was working, working, working. It took him only about one hour, and the job was finished. I was amazed how quickly he was able to cut all the leaves into small pieces to place them in the council’s garden refuse bin. The bin is outside right now at the kerb for collection for today all our bins are out for rubbish and garden refuse collection.

By the way, we think that unfortunately this whole palm-tree has to go soon for apart from the large leaves growing across our roof again and again it is causing unacceptable damage to our backyard fence. It has just grown much too huge. We never thought it would become that big.

Here are all the photos I took yesterday from where I was sitting on my chair: