Port Kembla Beach Swimming Pool & Garden Pictures

Last week Peter and I had a look at Port Kembla Beach Swimming Pool. The beach is right next to the pool. It was a bit cool, however there was no wind. It was great for a walk along the beach. There were hardly any people,  even though the school vacation was still on. The pool cafe was open. We sat outside under the umbrella with some good fruit juice.

On the way home we stopped at a Lagoon Reserve and watched some pelicans. For lunch we had grilled fish with salad and chips as well as tea. Delicious meal in a hidden away cafe in a close by shopping centre. The shopping centre was full of people including lots of children. I wonder, why some of those people weren’t on the beach on a beautiful springday like this?

I must say for swimming in the pool the water still seemed a bit cold. I prefer our solar heated pool in Dapto where the temperature is never less then 24 Degrees Celsius. I went with my feet a little bit into the water at the beach. This was very enjoyable!

On another day last week we went up the escarpment along Macquarie Pass and then all the way to Bowral, a lovely township in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. There are some lovely gardens in Bowral and most of the tulips there were still in full bloom. Peter took the chance to take lots of pictures on both our outings. We had a lovely time!


3 thoughts on “Port Kembla Beach Swimming Pool & Garden Pictures

  1. Port Kembla Olympic Pool is enclosed by a wall. During opening hours everyone can use the pool for free! The signs (s.pictures) tell you which rules are to be observed. There are changing rooms, showers and toilets for beach-goers on the outside wall. For pool users separate facilities are provided which can be reached from the pool-area only. Apart from the Olympic Pool there are several other pools for non-swimmers and toddlers. Some pool areas are shaded which comes in very handy when you enjoy a dip with small children on a hot summers day. There’s ample free parking within reach of pool and beach. It takes us only a ten minute drive from where we live to reach those excellent facilities! A little bit further to the north of Port Kembla is Wollongong with another two excellent beaches to choose from and also an open air salt-water pool.

    What I wanted to point out is that the sea creatures you see painted on the outside wall can be viewed from the beach. (I like the picture of the turtle best.) You can walk along Port Kembla Beach in a southerly direction. After a few kilometres you reach the next neighbouring beach. And then you come to where Lake Illawarra opens into the ocean.
    Bulli Beach, where we stayed last year, is just a little bit north of Wollongong.

    We’re blessed with many, many beaches. When we have visitors from overseas we always love to show them all these places. There’s also a tiny bit of rainforest left in our area which is well worth a visit.

    (This comment is by Aunty Uta)

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