My Best Experience

Last year, after our return from Germany,

I was asked which experience on our trip had been best for me. I thought for a moment. Then I said: ‘I think it was our excursion to the seaport of Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea.’

It was a pleasant early summer day with lots of sunshine. Having arrived at Warnemünde by train, we promenaded along a beautiful walkway with hundreds of other sightseers all the way to the lighthouse. Seeing the expanse of water all around us, I was reminded of similar places in Australia. From where we rested at a railing near the lighthouse we could see a stretch of beach. I noticed  there were not many people on the beach. This was probably because the air felt still somewhat chilly. However there was hardly any breeze and the sun felt wonderful. It was so good to be  at beautiful Seaport Warnemünde.
My sister-in-law pointed out to me a large round building some distance away close by the sea.  I could make out people sitting under huge umbrellas. It turned out that this was a restaurant. To my delight the four of us, namely my brother and his wife as well as Peter and I, ended up going there for lunch.

I ordered a vegetarian salad with pfifferlinges, a type of mushroom, which I like very much and never have a chance of eating in Australia. The salad arrived beautifully arranged with a sprinkling of daisies and cherry tomatoes.  The daisies were edible! This really made my day!

17 thoughts on “My Best Experience

  1. There’s something magical and beautiful about life houses along the beach overlooking a breathtaking ocean. Thank you sharing such a wonderful Summer. This place is just so wonderful and calming. I’m glad you shared it with us. Thank you for your recent comment. So full of affection and tenderness. Your family is blessed to have you. I wish you and your family all the love, peace and happiness. Take care my friend.

  2. wow, auntyuta, I love that place especially having that lighthouse by the beach, how cool is that. I have always this longing to be in a lighthouse, just stepping my foot is in itself a fulflillment but sad to say lighthouses here in our country is too far from my place…

    No wonder why you made this your best experience.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Hello, aRVee, glad you liked the post. I was actually only a visitor in Germany when we went to that place at the Baltic Sea. I liked visiting Germany because we were able to see lovely places to the north of Berlin, places which after WW II we had no opportunity of visiting; but now, with German unification, it’s easy to visit all these places.

      For the past 52 years we’ve lived in Australia. My husband and I came originally from Berlin. There are some lighthouses not far from where we live here in Australia.

      I think one of the more famous lighthouses in Australia would be the one at Byron Bay which is at the most Eastern point of Australia.

      1. Yeah I like that place especially so that the lighthouse is so near the beach.

        Yes, it’s great to know that Germany has been unified now. Hopefully it will happen in Korea soon… (or have they been unified already?)

  3. What an interesting story. You have a unique perspective, having known parts of Germany that were behind the Iron Curtain for so long and then returning to visit them again. thank you for sharing your memories. Alles Gute und schreibe weiter!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Warnemünde. And you can be sure that the beach is overcrowded on a very warm and sunny day when the sea is getting warmer. 😉 The food looks delicious!

  5. Hello, Uta….Nice memory…and I notice myself as I get older that one seems to absorb through one’s senses so much more minutae of sensitivity of the air around oneself and so much more detail of sensitivity to the physical surroundings…perhaps it is the time one permits oneself to just look and feel…

      1. The smoke has drifted over the Murray Mallee…and quite thick too..but it is clear now…Yes, well..keep well as you can, Uta…I feel for you East-Coasters.

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