Gaby’s World

Only one week ago I published a blog about my daughter Gaby. Since then quite a few changes in Gaby’s World came about.

It started with her carer becoming so sick that he had to be admitted to hospital. On short notice someone had to be found to stay with Gaby overnight. One of her daytime staff agreed to stay with her for the night and the following night and the following one. But how would it go on?

There’s an organisation ‘Respite Carers’ who helped Gaby a great deal to get more funding for continuous nighttime caring. The funding however applies only for the following two weeks. For the moment Gaby is somewhat relieved that the next two weeks are being taken care of.

Before Gaby got the good news about the new funding arrangements she was immensely upset and close to tears for it looked very much like, if nobody could stay with her overnight, she might have to be taken care of in an institution. All this made Gaby terribly anxious. Seeing her ‘independence’ slipping away, I think is one of the worst things that could happen to her. In her distress Gaby was somewhat lucky again because some people with some kind of authority took pitty on her and did their utmost to help her out. I’m sure she is very grateful for this. One person who looked into Gaby’s case meant the new arrangements wouldn’t ‘look good on paper’, but still was prepared to go along with it. That shows what can be done if people are of good will.

The picture shows Gaby promoting her favourite Football Club.

5 thoughts on “Gaby’s World

  1. First, thank you for sharing Gaby’s story with us. It is beautiful, touching and full of courage. She is well loved by you and her family. I hope she gets the medical care she needs. It can be frustrating at times but don’t loose hope. I believe that a divine force is watching over her as well as your family. Second, I admire you for doing your best, giving her all the love and inspiration that she needs. Your are a wonderful mom and a great person. Wishing you and your family all the blessings in life. take care….

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Yes, Peter and I felt quite anxious too when we learned about all the difficulties our daughter had to cope with. But she’s really very resilient. I am sure as soon as she found out that she would be all right for the next two weeks, she immediately stopped worrying and concentrated on the things she was about to do that day, as for instance visiting her carer in hospital.
      It is true, over the years it was always very important to her to keep in touch with family and especially with ‘Papa and Mama’ (This is what she likes to call us.)

  2. It is unfortunate that these things do happen. I hope Gaby will be given new loving and caring caregivers. It’s hard to be dependent on other people. We don’t appreciate our autonomy until we are faced with losing it or we witness someone who has had it taken away from her.

  3. Thank you very much, MOL, for your caring comments. Yes, Gaby’s life is not easy, but she’s always trying to make the best of every situation. We hope her situation is going to improve over the next few weeks. At the moment we’re worried what’s going to happen to Gaby’s carer who’s being treated in hospital.

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