Aunty Uta’s Diary

PLANS for December

Martin and Kristen invited us to stay with them in their rented cottage at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Kristen booked the cottage already at the beginning of the year. It has three bedrooms, that is two with double beds and one with two double bunks. The booking is for one week.

Martin says he’s going to rent a car to take us all to the Great Ocean Road. Kristen wants to drive her own car, a station- wagon, to take her big dog along and possibly her Mum as well. We are going to leave Melbourne on Monday, the 26th of December. Before we leave Melbourne, we pick Martin’s daughter Lauren up from the air-port.

Spending time with our son Martin and Kristen and Lauren close to the beach will be very good for us. I am also looking forward to meeting Margaret (Kristen’s Mum) again. I hope she’s going to be all right because she’s had an operation not so long ago. Kristen had the idea to book this cottage because it is where she often used to spend summer holidays as a child. Peter and I have actually never been driving along the Great Ocean Road, even though we’ve been travelling to Melbourne lots of times. We always had wished to find time to go along the Great Ocean Road and see the Twelve Apostles, a collections of huge stones standing right in the ocean. I believe there are only eleven apostles left since one got tipped over in a storm.

Lauren, our granddaughter, we haven’t seen for one whole year! It will be great to finally see her again. This holiday will be so good for all of us. We plan to leave home on Friday, the 23rd of December and spend Christmas in Melbourne. Our family back home is going to be disappointed that there won’t be any Christmas Eve celebrations at our house this year. We’re inviting them instead to a Pre-Christmas Lunch on Sunday, the 18th of December. But the lunch is going to be at a restaurant, not at our home.

7 thoughts on “Aunty Uta’s Diary

  1. Cottage by the beach in December with your love ones sounds like a beautiful and memorable holiday. I’m happy for you. If there is one thing I miss by moving to the States is the presence of family. My parents and siblings are still in the Philippines except for a sister who is in Connecticut.Christmas is mainly me, my wife and my son. We celebrate the event as festive as we can but it’s never the same when you are with a bigger family. My Christmas wish is that one day I get to spend one Christmas with my other siblings and their family, to be with my parents and just to relive the Christmas I came to know as a child.Wishing you and your family a lifetime of wonderful blessings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There’s nothing like spending the holidays with family. We hope you’ll spoil your granddaughter even a little! Do have a wonderful time!

  3. How lovely it will be to Christmas by the ocean with them. I do hope you will take lots of pictures of the lovely scenery including the 11 apostles’ rock formations….how very lovely!

    1. Yes, Kate, I’ll try to post some pictures. Only six more weeks to Christmas! This week we have another trip to Sydney planned to see the ‘Sculptures by the Sea’. I might post some pictures of these.

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