Bass Point Reserve


Today, Sunday 29th of September, we had again perfect spring weather: Sunny, in the low twenties, no wind.

Too beautiful to stay home all day. I said to Peter let’s go somewhere where we can enjoy this beautiful sunny day!

So we ended up driving to Bass Point Reserve. But first we stopped at Shellharbour Village near the swimming pool where we bought some lovely ice-cream and took some photos.


We were extremely lucky to find a parking spot right in front of this place. It is unbelievable how many people had come today to this beautiful spot by the sea. Today is the Sunday before the long weekend, which people always love for a bit of a break. The school-kids are on holidays already. Lots of families go with them on some holiday outings. It is vacation time and lots of holiday places are booked out at this time of the year. Next weekend the crowds may be even larger with people having a long weekend, meaning they don’t have to go to work on Monday. I hope the kids are going to have as fine a weather as today for the rest of their holidays.


The Outdoor Shellharbour Swimming Pool
The Outdoor Shellharbour Swimming Pool
Peter takes a picture
Peter takes a picture




We finished our ice-creams and then we headed towards Bass Point Reserve.

We parked here.
We parked here.
This path was near where we had parked.
This path was near where we had parked.







This may be the spot where the ship had been sitting on the rocks. All American seaman were rescued, but some Australian rescuers lost their lives in this terrible night in 1941.
This may be the spot where the ship had been sitting on the rocks. All American seaman were rescued, but some Australian rescuers lost their lives in this terrible night in 1941.

RIMG0480 (2)


We found this sign a bit further on where we could park our car again.
We found this sign a bit further on where we could park our car again.

From there we followed the signs hoping we’d end up at that little beach as indicated on one of the boards.


RIMG0483 (2)


This sign was near the rocks. However this little beach must have been somewhere else. We decided we’d look for it another day. We had been out for nearly three hours and felt like heading back home for coffee and cake.


Many years ago we visited Bass Point Reserve quite often. It was great that today we could refresh our memory a bit. However we still aren’t quite sure which path leads to that little beach. I hope we can soon go back there. I really do want to see this little beach again!


RIMG0086 In April 2013 we hired a car in Wollongong for a period of twelve days. The first day Peter took the car for a test drive along the coast North of Wollongong. RIMG0085 RIMG0087 We drove across the Sea Cliff Bridge up to Bald Hill. RIMG0048 When we arrived at Bald Hill we saw some signs out that the hang gliding  would start soon. RIMG0066 RIMG0074 RIMG0069 RIMG0068 From Bald Hill we could see  the Sea Cliff Bridge. We could also see the little beach that we always see from the train on the way to Sydney. The picture below shows the sandy way that leads to that little beach. We had stopped our car nearby. RIMG0050 . RIMG0053 On that day in April 2013 we drove up the escarpment for lunch.  Near Bulli Lookout is a very nice place, called the Cliff Hanger Cafe. Yesterday I did publish a blog about this place!

From Sunday to Sunday

  1. Two weeks ago we were still in Melbourne for the Easter holidays. Last Sunday we were in Summer Hill (Sydney) for Siobhan’s Fundraising Concert. Siobhan Patrick is a friend of our daughter Caroline. She holds a Graduate Diploma of Music (Opera) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  In December 2011 she made her oratorio debut as soprano soloist in Handel’s Messiah at Wollongong Town Hall. Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I loved this performance. I mentioned it in one of my blogs in December.  Concert Pictures

‘Next month Siobhan will travel to London and Berlin for operatic couching and professional development, thanks to a grant from the Australia Council. Following this, she will spend a month in Italy and a month and a half in Austria, attending two prestigious opera summer schools. At these programs, Siobhan will work extensively on her languages, rehearse with top European opera coaches and directors and meet with international opera agents.’

This is what it said in the program of the fundraising concert. The program included French, German and American songs. In the second half of the program Siobhan was supported by two excellent guest artists singing songs from La Traviata, Rusalka, Die Fledermaus and La Boheme.

Associate Artist Sharolyn Kimmorley was accompanying on the piano throughout the program. Siobhan has a beautiful voice and we wish her all the best for her stay in Europe!

When I wrote about all our activities over Easter in Melbourne I did not mention that I actually did not make it to church over Easter. Last Sunday the concert was in the afternoon. We travelled to Summer Hill by train. Because of this, again I did not make it to Sunday Mass.

Well, I made up for it yesterday. It was a warm, sunny Sunday again. I walked to church for the 9,30 Mass. Father Francis, the new priest, is young and enthusiastic. Yesterday he talked about it that if some-one says he loves God but does not love his neighbour, then he is  lying: For you cannot love God if you do not love your neighbour! I like it that what he says is always accompanied by a bit of humour.

Here in Australia it is supposed to be autumn now. However since it was rather warm and sunny yesterday, it felt once more like a late summer  day. Walking home from church and meeting  Peter on the way ( he always loves to meet me after church half way to walk home with me) I suggested we could go to Bulli Beach: Enjoy the beach for a while and then have lunch at the Bulli Beach Cafe!

Unfortunately by the time we arrived at the beach, the skys had clouded over again. But we still had a lovely couple of hours at the beach. At first I took a few pictures. Then Peter started taking pictures also. After we had been in the water we did not feel like taking any more pictures. There should have been some photos of our fish of the day lunch (grilled salmon with chips and salad as well as fruit salad and a glass of water). On the way home we bought some cake for afternoon coffee. Sorry, no pictures of the cake either. We had a yummy piece of leamington cake each and added to this some delicious cherry jam and custard. Later on we played a few games of Rummikcub. We play this with tiles. It is a very relaxing game.

Another Sunday gone. This coming Wednesday is a public holiday in Australia, namely ANZAC DAY.

I think I’m going to publish the pictures we made yesterday in another blog, so that I can publish this writing straight away.

Gaby in pictures 1965 – 1971

Two of the photos were taken in November 1965 in Sydney’s Prince Henry Hospital, when Gaby was eight years old. She types with a mouthstick on an electric typewriter. During the day she is strapped in a high chair, her hands in braces.
The night she spends in an iron ‘cage’ with only her head outside it on a cushion.
Since 1961, when she was struck down by polio, she has been in Prince Henry Hospital’s Respiratory Ward. During the day she attends the hospital school class. Gaby is a quadriplegic, which means she cannot move her arms or legs.

From January 1967 till September 1974 Gaby was able to live most of the time with her family, Mum, Dad, sister Monika and brother Martin. We took her on outings to the pool and to the beach. Peter, her dad, fastened her wheelchair to the back of our VW Beetle car.

In the pool I hold Gaby (13), Monika is 12 and Martin behind us is 11. I am 36.
In the photo Peter carrying Gaby out of the car and onto the beach, Gaby is probably 11 and Martin beside the car door is 9.

As far as I renenber we took Gaby right into the water at the beach only this once when she may have been only 10. Gaby was too scared of the waves. Even to the pool she didn’t want to be taken anymore later on.

Sculptures by the Sea

Every year at around this time you can view on the walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach an exhibition of ‘sculptures by the sea’.

We went by train from Dapto to Bondi Junction, where we met our daughter. From Bondi Junction going on the bus it wasn’t far to Bondi Beach, where we started our walk.View onto Sydney's Bondi Beach

Aunty Uta’s Diary

PLANS for December

Martin and Kristen invited us to stay with them in their rented cottage at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Kristen booked the cottage already at the beginning of the year. It has three bedrooms, that is two with double beds and one with two double bunks. The booking is for one week.

Martin says he’s going to rent a car to take us all to the Great Ocean Road. Kristen wants to drive her own car, a station- wagon, to take her big dog along and possibly her Mum as well. We are going to leave Melbourne on Monday, the 26th of December. Before we leave Melbourne, we pick Martin’s daughter Lauren up from the air-port.

Spending time with our son Martin and Kristen and Lauren close to the beach will be very good for us. I am also looking forward to meeting Margaret (Kristen’s Mum) again. I hope she’s going to be all right because she’s had an operation not so long ago. Kristen had the idea to book this cottage because it is where she often used to spend summer holidays as a child. Peter and I have actually never been driving along the Great Ocean Road, even though we’ve been travelling to Melbourne lots of times. We always had wished to find time to go along the Great Ocean Road and see the Twelve Apostles, a collections of huge stones standing right in the ocean. I believe there are only eleven apostles left since one got tipped over in a storm.

Lauren, our granddaughter, we haven’t seen for one whole year! It will be great to finally see her again. This holiday will be so good for all of us. We plan to leave home on Friday, the 23rd of December and spend Christmas in Melbourne. Our family back home is going to be disappointed that there won’t be any Christmas Eve celebrations at our house this year. We’re inviting them instead to a Pre-Christmas Lunch on Sunday, the 18th of December. But the lunch is going to be at a restaurant, not at our home.