More Sculptures by the Sea

Here are some more pictures that were taken with Peter’s camera.  (The previous pictures were taken with my camera.)


17 thoughts on “More Sculptures by the Sea

  1. I was awed and amazed. Beautiful art forms overlooking the sea. What can be more perfect than this? Love it my friend. This sweetened my day. thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. Best wishes to your love ones.

    1. Yes, these sculptures by the sea are a real treat. I’m glad Peter was able to take a lot more pics than I did. I kind of chickened out of taking photos, when the wind got to bad. But once we were down at Tamarama beach I was all right again. An extra bonus was, that our daughter was able to come along with us for the walk by the sea.
      Thanks for visiting, IT, and Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. Every year in November the exhibits are out only for three weeks. But there are new exhibits every year! We are glad we could view the exhibits again this year. We’ve seen them for a number of years now. This walk by the sea is always awsome. Yes, we are lucky to have the opportunity to see something like this.

    1. Thank you! Glad you like the sculptures. They’re wonderful to view in this beautiful setting. It was a great day except for, some horrible gusts of wind! Luckily it didn’t rain even though it was overcast nearly all the time.

      Have a great day too!

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