Towards the End of November 2015

Last Wednesday we went to Merrylands.

25th Nov.2015 in Merrylands
25th Nov.2015 in Merrylands



It was a very hot day. We had lunch in Stockland Merrylands and a cup of coffee later on.

We found a seat in the shade in the open air cafe.
We found a seat in the shade in the open air cafe.
View from the terrace at Stockland Merrylands where we had lunch.
View from the terrace at Stockland Merrylands where we had lunch.

Many things had changed since we last had been in Merrylands with Gaby. But we noticed that the Heart to Heart Cafe was still there.

Next to the upstairs eating hall we found this mosaic.
Next to the upstairs eating hall we found this mosaic.






We found a picture of Gaby in this huge mosaic.
We found a picture of Gaby in this huge mosaic.
This is a picture of Gaby's dog.
This is a picture of Gaby’s dog.


The Hannemann Family in Australia in 1997

In this picture Peter and I are with all our four children. Daughter Caroline stands next to Peter. All five children of daughter Monika are in the picture too! Her very tall twin sons are eighteen, her two little daughters in the front are Natasha and Roxanne. Well, this was more than sixteen years ago!


This picture was taken at the beginning of September 1997,  a few days after our daughter Gaby’s 40th birthday! We all met for a picnic lunch at Central Park in Merrylands near Gaby’s and David’s home. David, Gaby’s carer, stands in the middle of the photo behind Gaby’s wheelchair. Our son Martin (who’s holding onto the wheelchair) lived in Newcastle at the time and had come to Sydney to see us all. Merrylands is a Western Suburb of Sydney. The Central Park there is a very popular recreational place.

Monika holds her five months old baby daughter. Gaby and Martin are in the picture too.
Our daughter Monika holds Krystal, her five months old baby daughter. Gaby and Martin are in the picture too.

In the picture below Troy, who is one of the twins, walks with his girlfriend.

Ryan, the other twin, as well as Caroline, Martin and David presumably walked ahead.

However one of them must have taken this picture, right? Maybe Caroline?


After our picnic lunch we all walked right through the park towards the little waterfall. It looks like at the time there was still quite a bit of water to be seen. Sadly,  after a few years without much rain, there was no water left in this area. When we took a picture there two years ago, everything looked completely dry. Maybe in the meantime the water situation has improved somewhat. We should go there one day and have a look.

Here we are with Monika's daughter Natasha on that day in early September 1997.
Here we are with Monika’s daughter Natasha on that day in early September 1997.


DIARY, Wednesday, 11th December 2013

I am  off the Hook!

I do not need blood pressure tablets anymore!

Well, this is a long story. It actually started the day I had my Carpal Tunnel Release operation.  On that day at six o’clock in the morning I was allowed a cup of tea and a very light breakfast. Then I had to wait for more than twelve hours before I could have as much as a glass of water or a cup of tea. I was told ‘nil by mouth’ before the operation, which was to last for only a short time, maybe twenty minutes. Unfortunately I was the last one on the list. Which would have been all right, if everything had gone to plan. However there were some unforeseen delays during the day, which meant my operation was postponed for many hours. I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, well into the evening, it was my turn. What a relief! A lot of precautions, needles stuck into me here, there and everywhere while I was lying on the trolley waiting to be let into the operating theatre. The anesthetist thought I was very relaxed. Then my surgeon came out to greet me. After a little while the doors opened and I was rolled into the room where the procedure was going to take place. There was some background music which I thought wasn’t soothing at all. However I didn’t complain. The surgeon must have felt that this was not my kind of music. He asked me what kind of music I liked. All I could think of saying was: Something ‘classical’. Whereupon the lovely surgeon saw to it that ‘Sound of Music’  with Julie Andrews was put on.

I had been given local anesthetics only. So I could listen to the music during the whole operation. Everything went smoothly, except as they later told me, my blood pressure went up a bit much. They advised me to see my GP (General Practitioner) about it.

To cut a long story short. I did indeed see my GP. My blood pressure went sky high that night when I saw the doctor after many hours of waiting. He did consider to put me into hospital. Luckily the blood pressure came down a bit after a little while. So the doctor let me go home. He prescribed blood pressure tablets and even valium. Peter and I did get my prescription drugs at a close by late night chemist, which delayed us getting home by another half hour. I took the blood pressure tablets as prescribed, but not the valium. I really felt relaxed enough by the time I got home and had no trouble going to sleep.

The GP had asked me to see him again the next morning so he could check on me whether I was all right. By the time I got there at 8 am, there were already eight patients in front of me. So I had to wait again. The tablets turned out not to agree with me. They made me feel sick. Eventually the doctor  organised a 24 hour blood pressure test for me. This test showed that my blood pressure was up only slightly during the day, and during my sleep it was absolutely perfect.

Yesterday I did get the marvellous news that I did not have to take the tablets anymore. The doctor said to me, on a day when I felt under a real lot of pressure, I may perhaps take a valium tablet. But not to do this too often for these tablets can be addictive.

After he said all this we wished each other a Happy Christmas and I left his office in a really great mood! 🙂

Father’s Day last Year

On Sunday, the 2nd of September 2012, Peter and I had a lovely day with our youngest daughter. This was Fathers Day here in Australia!

We took a walk to this lovely lake site.

Last Tuesday, 17th September 2013,  we took a walk to this part of the lake. It rained a little bit. We mentioned to Martin, our son, who was with us, that we had been here last year on Father’s Day with daughter Caroline.  On that day last year there had been glorious sunshine as can be seen on these pictures from last year.

Martin found out later, that this spot  was actually on one of the two arms of Mullet Creek which both go into Lake Illawarra.

Peter took this picture of Caroline and me on Father’s Day in 2012

Along this footpath we walked back to where the car was parked
At Forest Grove we were being served beautifully brewed tea which was being kept hot with tea-lights.

                                                                                                         Peter on Father’s Day 2012

Sea Cliff Bridge, Monday, 16th September


RIMG0407 RIMG0410 We had dared to leave the car to take a walk across the bridge. It did not rain very much, just a drizzle. Three people, one man and two women, came along the footpath of the bridge from the opposite direction. They stopped at this spot where some beautiful fresh flowers had been left. People leave flowers near the road where an accidental death has occurred, do they not? In this instance when we spotted the flowers we were thinking maybe someone had committed suicide by jumping off the bridge into the ocean underneath. This bridge seems to be an ideal spot for people wanting to jump. We had seen ‘Help Signs’ along the bridge where suicidal people are encouraged to use ‘Lifeline’. RIMG0402 When I passed the three people who had stopped near the flowers, the man turned around and looked at me. I asked him whether he knew what had happened, whether someone had jumped. He answered. it had been an accident on a motorbike. Happened only two days ago on Saturday. He explained his 39 year old son had been speeding and was thrown out of the curve on the road of the bridge. Of course this man looked very distressed telling me this story and I said how sorry I was. Later on I told our son and Peter about it. Our son Martin, who had been driving us, said there would probably be some marks on the road where that motor-bike rider had been thrown out of the curve. And true enough when we looked for these marks on our way back, we could see them. They were still there despite the rain.


Information about the Bridge
Information about the Bridge

Martin and L had been visiting us from Sunday till Tuesday. Martin had rented a car at the airport. On that Monday he drove us first to the Bridge and then to Bulli Beach where we had a look at the Tourist Park. It was getting close to lunch-time. So we had some hot drinks and some fair dinkum Aussie food at the Tourist Park Coffee Shop.

Peter had this Hamburger.
Peter had this Hamburger.

We had a wonderful long weekend with our visitors. Our two daughters came to visit with their partners. On Sunday we went out for lunch, on Tuesday we had a home cooked meal with sauerkraut which everyone liked. The weather was terrible. Especially on Monday it was turning into a huge downpour all afternoon and right through the night. We were lucky that very early in the morning we had managed to go to Dapto’s open air solar heated pool. L swam 20 laps and Martin ‘only’ 12. He said he was a bit out of practice. I also had a lovely swim. Peter did not want to go to the pool. That meant he had a chance to sleep in a bit.

On Tuesday we went for some beautiful walks along the lake. The rain had eased off, just a bit of a drizzle from time to time. No sunshine whatsoever. Still we enjoyed our walks. Only Tuesday afternoon, when Martin and L had to leave for the airport, the sun finally came out to brighten the day.

Grandma Monika

Our daughter Monika became a grandma when Lucas was born on the 18th of July 2012. Monika was very, very happy that she had become a grandma at last.

Our younger daughter, Caroline, is in the front, Monika, holding Lucas, sitting on the Sofa.
Our younger daughter, Caroline, is in the front, Monika, holding Lucas, sitting on the Sofa.

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, 31st March, 2013.


This is Lucas with his mum, Ebony.

This is the dad of Lucas, Monika's son.
This is Ryan, the dad of Lucas, Monika’s son.
At the table, our ‘sons-in-law’.

This is Lucas with his auntie Natasha, eldest daughter of Monika.
This is Lucas with his auntie Natasha, eldest daughter of Monika.
Great-grandma or maybe super-grandma? It's lovely to feel the baby's skin!
Great-grandma or maybe super-grandma? It’s lovely to feel the baby’s skin!

Black Forest Cake


Finally I am able to show you our lovely Black Forest Cake that we had for Easter Sunday. Peter said this morning something about our router being quite old and the modem being even older. So he went today, bought a new modem/router, all in one, connected it and voila, now we can upload pictures again. What a relief!

So for good measure I include now some more pictures from Easter Sunday.




Little Lucas, our baby great-grandson, was allowed a taste of that delicious Black Forest Cake. He loved it and later on licked the spoon! He also loved to drink out of his bottle.



We all love little Lucas very much.





For breakfast I had hard boiled egg with a garnish of salmon.


Here are a few more of Easter Sunday’s pictures which I only just found in the files when I looked a bit more. There is a picture with Grandma Monika in the background holding little Lucas. In one of the other photos you see Ryan, the dad of Lucas. The brother of Ryan is at the table too but cannot be seen properly. Sorry, Troy, that I didn’t catch you properly.




Sunday at Bulli Beach

Sunday at Bulli Beach

Last Sunday, which was Palm Sunday, the weather was perfect for the beach. I’m glad we decided to go there.

We have a number of beaches to choose from in our area. I said to Peter: “Let’s go to Bulli Beach. We can have a cup of coffee there.” Peter agreed.

The day before, on Saturday, I had felt really awful because of a gum infection. I went to see a doctor who  prescribed for me some antibiotics. So on Sunday I felt already very much better. I had been able to walk to the church early in the morning for the 7,30 Palm Sunday Mass. I encouraged Peter to do his running while I was at church. I insisted I was all right walking. Still, it was good he could drive me home then after Mass.

Soon after lunch on Sunday we took off for our twenty minute drive to the beach. The weather was still perfect. We parked near the Bulli Beach Tourist Park. I thought: Wouldn’t it be good to stay there for a few days!  Our stay in one of the cabins at the Tourist Park in October of 2010 is still vivid in my memory. We had contemplated then that we would do this again soon. It seems, so far we just haven’t been able to make time for it!

Anyhow, we enjoyed our afternoon session at the beach on that Sunday before Easter. We strolled around, taking pictures here and there.  In some of the pictures you can see a perfectly blue sky over the beach and the ocean. Where the life-savers were there were still quite a few people enjoying the water. But where we were the beach looked pretty deserted.

I made it as far as the edge of the beach sitting down in the sand. There was hardly any breeze. It was probably a bit under thirty degrees Celsius. Just perfect! Peter didn’t feel like going right into the water. But he took his shoes off and tried out the water with his toes. He told me the water felt quite warm at this time of the year.

Then a bit later we had our coffee at the Tourist Park Cafe. We even had a bit of cake to go with it.