Apollo Bay 26th Dec. 2011 to 2nd Jan.2012

We were six at Apollo Bay: Martin, Kristen, Lauren, Kristen’s Mum as well as Peter and I. Kristen’s dog Darcy was also with us. In the previous blog is a picture of Martin, Kristen and Lauren, which Peter took just before they all went off on a seal watching tour. More pictures I’ll try to include at a later date.

Apollo Bay turned out to be a marvellous holiday place. But all good things have to end. So now we’re back home again and getting used to the daily routine. We have good memories of seeing Martin’s daughters as well as Martin’s son with his family.

Kristen’s Mum, Margarete, who turns 80 this year, was often great company for me. It was a thrill for me, to have a fair dinkum Australian to talk to and compare memories of the distant past.

Peter made hundreds of pictures during the holiday. I hope to be able to publish some of them soon.

6 thoughts on “Apollo Bay 26th Dec. 2011 to 2nd Jan.2012

    1. The start of the New Year has been very busy for us — so far. We haven’t spent much time at home yet since we’ve been back from Victoria. Today was a great day for the beach and to spend some more time with family. It’s still a wonderful holiday time for us even though we’re back home. Happy New Year, dear Kate, and thanks for your comment,

    1. Thank you, dear Connie, for letting me know about the nomination. For quite some time I was prevented from making comments on the site of the Island Traveler. Today I found a way to comment. I think they said I had to unblock a cookie or something like that. Anyhow it seems to have worked now.

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