Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2010

Peter and I are looking forward to visit Mecklenburg-Vorpommern again this year. Last time we were there in 2010 we took lots of pictures. It is an area a bit north of Berlin and stretches right to the Baltic Sea. Not many people live there. There’s a lot of wooded area, lakes, creeks and canals. On these waterways you can travel to Berlin or up north to the open sea.

My brother lives in this area with his wife. So during our trip later in the year we’re going to visit them again. I’m sure we going to love it the same as last time. Fpr most of the time we’ll be staying in Berlin though. I’m sure I’ll be able to blog many interesting pictures from Berlin as well.

Today I just want to blog a few of our landscape pictures. Watch out there are plenty more to come some other day!

10 thoughts on “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2010

    1. After the buzz of a big city like Berlin it’s the perfect place for relaxation. So peaceful! Within the city of Berlin and surrounds you find some peaceful places like this too. However the whole lifestyle is quite different in the country. Thanks, Nelson, for commenting.

    1. Yes, there are many beautiful lakes like this in the area. So incredibly peaceful.- I wonder whether for the time being they’re all full of ice? The winter over there is quite severe this year, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    1. Hi Mary-Ann, at the moment it’s very cold there for sure, but we were there in summer. We were lucky to have had beautiful sunshine for the whole week while we were there. It was pleasantly warm. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. The landscape is so lush and inviting. Are you able to make your photos larger? When you upload them, before publishing, you can choose a different size. 🙂

    1. You’re right, I should make them larger. When I click the middle of one photo, I can enlarge them that way. I don’t know whether this works from your site. Personally I would like to know what the lanscape looks like now in winter. They probably had quite a bit of snow.
      I like picture Nr.1 best. I think I’m going to enlarge it and publish it again in one of my next posts. Thanks for your comment, Eliz.

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