A Short Story

My Aunty got off the boat and hugged me. She said, she was to give me money for staying at my place. I said that I did not want any money. But she insisted that I had to take the money. To me this was very embarrassing.

And then I stood in the Mall and watched as dozens of shoppers came out of the Two-Dollar-Shop with packets of rubber bands in their hands. I thought to myself, if this goes on, the sale of rubber bands was about to quadruple in Dapto.

When Hubby came towards me, he gave me a great big chocolate Easter Bunny as a gift. It was not, what I had expected, thinking that it was Valentine’s Day today. Holding the Easter Bunny I opened the door and stepped back. There she was again, my Aunty who had just got off the boat. Waving a bunch of banknotes in her hand, she said: β€œHere take it! Take it! They’re for you!”

I couldn’t believe it that she still wanted to give me money. I thought to myself, may the Lord have mercy on me, but I cannot take this money. It’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing. Why doesn’t Aunty understand this?

In desperation I woke up and remembered that Aunty had died ages ago. She never did come on that boat to visit me. It was just a dream.

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