Last week on that ‘Sunny Sunday in Sydney’ we met Angie and Roy. Yesterday they arrived in Cairns and sent us from there a photo of the two of them in front of ULURU. It’s a beautiful photo. Makes me want very much to see ULURU. Peter and I so far never yet made it to the centre of Australia. We should really go there one day.

In Cairns Angie and Roy are going on a Snorkeling Cruise. I admire them for their fitness. They’re retired in their sixties and still fit enough to go snorkeling! Peter wrote them to watch out that they wont be left behind somewhere on the Great Barrier Reef.

After six days with sunshine and no rain we are back now to some more precipitation. It’s still warm enough. Seems to me our climate becomes more and more subtropical. Our bushes and trees around the house grow spectacularly. Peter took the other day some pictures of the vegetation around our house. Doesn’t this look very lush?

On the first picture you can see the ‘jungle’ behind our fence!

6 thoughts on “Diary

  1. You’ve got a great camera. These are clear, wonderful photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful time – & I agree that showers bring the flowers!

    1. Yes, to spend some time in Sydney on that sunny Sunday was good fun. Angie and Roy were great people to be with. There was no shortage of things to talk about. Roy offered we could talk to each other in German. But Angie pointed out our English was so good that she had no problem talking to us in English!
      Sadly I feel I neglected to tidy up the garden area around the house. I really can’t put it off much longer. In our place often new plants come up which we never planted, These do always very well and the things we did plant often don’t survive. Both Peter and I are no gardeners, but we love sitting outside amonst lush vegetation. At least it was always wet enough this summer, We never had to spend tap-water on any plants or grass areas. Usually our bit of grass area dries out a lot during hot summers. I am grateful that this didn’t happen this year.
      As far as my eyesight’s concerned I have a bit of a problem with this. One of your readers says, she can only see what she’s written, once she posts the comment. Well, I’m a bit like this too.
      Mobile phones? Won’t touch them. I feel better not having to use them.

      I much appreciate you coming over to my blog and commenting. TY

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