Sculptures by the Sea

Above is the URL to a blog I published five years ago about Scuptures by the Sea. And the link below shows some of this year’s sculptures.

Tomorrow is the day when we want to travel to Sydney to have a look at this year’s Sculptures by the Sea.
Peter reminded me to reload the battery to my camera. I did it, and now I’m looking forward to taking a lot of pictures!

Today,  only a few more pictures from one of my early morning walks.

I guess these trees can be called 'sculptured' trees?
I guess these trees can be called ‘sculptured’ trees?

The trees you see in the above photo are not far from the front garden with these flowers in it:


A bit further on is this front garden.
A bit further on is this front garden.


I went along here . . .
I went along here . . .
. . . and ended up where this tree is.
. . . and ended up where this tree is.

While I took a picture of this huge tree, one of the residents approached me, asking me why I took a picture of this tree. After I explained I just liked to take pictures of trees, he started a lot of talking about this tree. Apparently he was very concerned that this tree was in the wrong place, already damaged and in danger of falling over which might cause a lot of damage. It is an Australian protected tree. To remove it, you had to get permission from the council.

The birds love grevilleas. I pass many shrubs like these on my walks.
The birds love grevilleas.
I pass many shrubs like these on my walks.

King tide washes out Sculpture by the Sea


On the move: latest appointments and resignations (locked)
Chamber of Arts and Culture WA board elected.
The new Medicis
Just when we thought corporate collections were dead, a bank has created a new model for supporting emerging artists.
Police evict students from SCA Dean’s office sit-in
After 65 days of occupation, police have been called in to break up a protest at the Sydney College of the Arts.
Doing a (Virtual) Reality Check
As Virtual Reality becomes more widespread, it’s not enough to have the technology, it needs to be used as a truly creative medium.

Perhaps better named ‘sculpture in the sea’ this year, several artworks were damaged as a result of king tides at Tamarama Beach.
King tide washes out Sculpture by the Sea
A rare site as this year’s Sculpture by the Sea is pounded by a king tide at Tamarama Beach

This was not the media attention Sculpture by the Sea was expecting for its twentieth anniversary edition. The world’s largest annual sculpture exhibition held along Sydney’s coastline between Bondi and Tamarama Beaches could reasonably have hoped for celebration of its success in bring art to the beach.

Instead one sculpture has been destroyed and at least three sculptures have been severely damaged by a king tide that engulfed Tamarama on Monday afternoon.


Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea (SXS), David Handley told media that they had planned for the the high tide and had moved several sculptures further up the beach in order to protect them . But the tide was beyond what had been expected and the combination of a high tide and pounding surf was ‘unprecendented’.

‘We just didn’t expect that the tide and the surf was going to be as big as it was,’ Handley said.

Less than a week after the opening of the popular festival, a crane and excavators will be brought in for the clean up.

Handley said organisers would wait for the tide to recede to do a full assessment and damage report.

It is estimated that waves measuring two to three metres were hitting the beach and hammering the sculptures at the peak tide on Monday afternoon.

In the events 20-year history only once has an artwork been washed away – in 1998.

Image / video source Instagram @ danny_wh


Collingwood artist Bronek Kozka’s artwork Fair Dinkum Offshore Processing was literally picked up by the huge swell and dragged down the beach as onlookers watched.

The sculpture is beyond repair.

It is a bizarre twist given the piece dealt with offshore processing of refugees, largely delivered by the sea.

Bronek Kozka’s destroyed sculpture from king tide

Two further sculptures were washed from the walkway between Bondi and Tamarama and into the sea – a piece by Elyssa Sykes-Smith A Weighted Embrace and German artist Angelika Summa’s Alien: Self Consciousness Is A Virus From Outer Space.

Kozka’s sculpture rested in a heap next to Sang Sug Kim’s 1.4-metre tall carved marble artwork The Window of the Future, which was submerged but remained steadfast.

‘With the base and the sculpture, it was two tonnes. That’s how strong the water was,’ commented Handley.

The remnants of Fair Dinkum Offshore Processing were brought to shore on Monday evening. The other two artworks will be retrieved at low tide.

Artists often ask to have their work close to the waters edge, the scooped beach at Tamarama a natural arena for viewing sculpture is also a highly popular site for artists.

Sculpture By The Sea is showing 24 October to 6 November.


Uta’s Diary: What did I do in September 2016?

Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney

In Sydney happened to be “The Festival of Dangerous Ideas”.  As part of the festival there was a talk in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, and we had tickets for this event. We were sitting very high up in the CIRCLE. David Marr and Annabel Crabb talked about: “Do we have the government we deserve?” This was on Saturday, the 3rd of September.


On Sunday, the 4th of September was Fathers’ Day in Australia. We met the family at the German Club:

We tried to improve our backyard:

On Thursday, the 15th of September, I had lunch with a seniors’ group at the Dapto Leagues Club. I am a member of that group. The membership includes gentle movement exercises on Thursdays from 12,30 to 1,30pm. But recently we have become short of people who want to do the exercises. We are looking for new participants who are willing and able to do these gentle exercises. Personally I feel, that these exercises are very beneficial for me. Not only that, they are also tremendous fun for our instructor, Marta, has always great music to go with the exercises.

From the 20th to the 22nd of September Peter and I stayed in a hotel in Sydney:

On Saturday, the 25th of September, we saw in the Griffin Theater in Sydney a play called “Gloria” with Marta Dusseldorp.

Then on Sunday, the 26th of September, was a birthday celebration for Alexander, who turned two:

Finally, on Monday, the 26th of September, was the women residents’ afternoon at Irene’s place. I remember I felt rather tired that day. One woman had to leave a bit early. I decided then that it would be best for me to leave together with her. But all our Friday afternoon games afternoons I survived in good spirits.

I sometimes feel that I would like to stay home more. I mean I like to go out and do different things. However at times it becomes a bit too hectic for me and I feel the need to slow down somewhat. After all, I am not a spring chicken anymore!

dscn2239However, Peter and I were able to do a bit more gardening to improve our backyard.  Today we did not go out at all because all day we had very stormy weather. These wind gusts have been blowing nearly none-stop since yesterday.

Frolicking around Sydney

Peter and I stayed in an apartment at Darling Harbour. To frolic around Sydney’s Darling Harbour was quite exciting. It was my 82nd birthday. At nighttime we strolled to an Italian restaurant and had a three course meal there with a glass of red wine. There was also some beautiful music to entertain us. We liked that very much. The food and the wine were very much to our liking as well. So we had a lovely evening. After the meal it was only a short walk back to our apartment.



Affordable Housing–for-now-20160405-gnyjnq/

Above is a link to the blog that Nikki Wallman wrote about her family’s move from Sydney to Bowral. She points out that Sydney is much too expensive for first home buyers. Apparently they made a good choice in moving to Bowral where they  bought  “a lovely, light-filled, four-bedroom, three-bathroom house on a big block in a beautiful wonky street where daisies grow wild and cockatoos call to each other like grumpy old men.”

And she goes on writing:

“Enormous trees hug the skyline around our deck; we’re walking distance to town. We’ve made great friends who live down the road (Bowral seems flush with young families in similar situations to ours). We stroll there with the pram, past the “ducks crossing” signs, for drinks and playtime in the backyard.”

Nikki writes how much they love Sydney life. However, “the increasing stress of chasing tails and deposits and ever-rising house prices”  was grinding them down.

This reminds me of C and M, who were renting for ten years a two bedroom unit in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Paying rent in Sydney they would never have been able to save up enough money for a deposit on a house. Finally they decided they could commute from the South Coast. It means for them long hours on the train to Sydney and back. But finally they are in a position to save a bit of money and look for a suitable affordable place some distance away from Sydney.

C is our daughter.  She lived with M for close to ten years already.  M is the father of two children, who are by now both in their twenties and continue to live in Sydney. We offered to C and M to live with us for the time being. This should give them some time to look for suitable housing in our area. For Peter and me it is very beneficial to have family around. Right now C is away on an overseas business trip, and that means, we all miss her a lot.  She’ll be away for all of April!

Many months ago, before the great influx of refugees to  European countries, we did already some bookings for the month of June.  So Peter and I are now looking forward to go to Berlin to see our German family once more, as well as some old friends. We are going to be there with quite a few of our Australian family which is rather exciting!


Pictures from September 2006



According to the photos we went by train to Parramatta on the 27th of September 2006. Herta was with us. And in Parramatta we met Gaby. I had completely forgotten that we had done this excursion with Herta to see Gaby and go with Gaby and Herta on a Ferry trip to Sydney Circular Quay.
The above picture shows the Parramatta River. The Parramatta Ferry stop is only a little bit further on.

First now here are a few pictures Peter took soon after we met Gaby in Parramatta.

Here we are with Herta, our Dutch friend from Melbourne.
Here we are with Herta, our Dutch friend from Melbourne.






We are on the Ferry-Boat.
We are on the Ferry-Boat.
Peter took more and more pictures from the boat.
Peter took more and more pictures from the boat.


Gadsville Bridge
Gladsville Bridge



Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House





Gaby arrives in her wheelchair at Circular Quay.
Gaby arrives in her wheelchair at Circular Quay.
We have arrived at Circular Quay/
We have arrived at Circular Quay.


I am very grateful to Peter for finding these pictures and letting me publish them. Yesterday was our monthly meeting with the ladies from our complex. This time the meeting was at Irene’s place. I wore the same outfit to the meeting that can be seen here in the photos from 2006. This actually means, the outfit is maybe ten years old! But it really is still in good condition. Even daughter Caroline did not object when I did not want to discard it yet. I told her, I love wearing it. And so I wore it yesterday. I was thrilled today to find out from Peter’s photos for how long I have actually had this item in my wardrobe!

Last Sunday of March 2015


Today is Palm Sunday. Another year gone. I took the top picture several years ago. Today I did not take any pictures at the church. But it was pretty impressive again how many people turned up for the Mass. For Easter there are probably going to be even more people at the church.

Yesterday we went by train to Sydney for a matinee at the GRIFFIN THEATRE.

We were lucky that Caroline could meet us again for lunch at the Mad Pizza place were we had been once before. It is quite convenient to go there for the GRIFFIN THEATRE is close by.  The play we were to see was CARESS/ACHE by SUZIE MILLER.





Before the start of the performance we had some time to sit in a little park area near the theatre. Here I have the play’s program in my hand. This play shows quite a few problems that people in our society can come up with. The actors were very good as it turned out, showing so much heartache.
There really was not much joy in the lives of the characters on stage.

But back to the little park where Peter took some pictures with his tablet.





These regulations apply to this little park.
These regulations apply to this little park.

Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit
Carnival Spirit

Around a quarter past eleven a.m.we arrived yesterday at Circular Quay Railway Station in Sydney.


From the top of the railway station Peter immediately took some pictures of this huge ship that was anchored in Sydney Harbour.


Soon we met Monika, our daughter, as well as Mark and some friends of Mark. Mark’s mother and sister were already on the Carnival Spirit. Monika, Mark and his friends had already booked in for this cruise.  They were expected back on board by around 3,30 p.m.


Mark and Monika suggested we could have lunch with them at the German restaurant in the rocks area. It was a lovely walk towards the Rocks. It was promising to be another beautiful warm summer day in Sydney. The temperature actually soon reached thirty degrees Celsius. We had only a very light lunch.

On the way to the Rocks we came a bit closer to the Carnival Spirit.
On the way to the Rocks we came a bit closer to the Carnival Spirit.
Monika and Mark posing in front of this ship they were soon going to board for their twelve day cruise.
Monika and Mark pose in front of the Carnival spirit
This is where we had lunch.
This is where we had lunch.
Just a little beer before lunch arrives.
Just a little beer before lunch arrives.
In this courtyard we had afternoon coffee and cake. Sorry, we did not take pictures of the cake.
In this courtyard we had afternoon coffee and cake. Sorry, we did not take pictures of the cake.
We liked it in the courtyard and the cakes were yummy!
We liked it in the courtyard and the cakes were yummy!




Walking to our next destination we saw the Carnival Spirit again.
Walking to our next destination we saw the Carnival Spirit again.
For good measures we went to another courtyard for some refreshing beer.
For good measures we went to another courtyard for some refreshing beer.




I think Peter took this picture after Monika and Mark had left to go on board.
I think Peter took this picture after Monika and Mark had left to go on board.
A last look at the harbour. Then we were off to catch our train back home to Dapto.
A last look at the harbour. Then we were off to catch our train back home to Dapto.

You can find a lot more pictures of the Carnival Spirit here in google:

Diary, Sunday 15th of Feb 2015

Yesterday we left our car in Waterfall. From there we caught the train to the city. We got off at Kings Cross Station. Coming out of the station we met Caroline. Peter took a photo as we were walking along Darlinghurst Road.

2015-02-14 01.33.21

A bit further on we had a pizza lunch at the “mad” pizza place. The pizzas we ordered were delicious. I had a pumpkin pizza with plenty of rocket salad on the side. It was so much I could not eat it all. I had not brought my camera. I asked Peter to take a picture of the two pieces that I had left.

2015-02-14 02.10.24

2015-02-14 02.09.45 2

The following pictures are from today.







Monika and Mark did bring little Lucas and Baby Alex along today. They were on their way of taking the little ones back home to their parents who were happy that they could yesterday have a good night out for Valentine’s Day. We had not seen the great-grandsons since Christmas Eve. It was a very nice surprise for us seeing them today!

We have had  a fairly busy week. On Wednesday and as well as yesterday we have been to Matinee performances in Sydney. On Wednesday it was a performance by New York’s SHEN YUN Performing Arts Company. They are the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. We very much enjoyed all this classical dancing. It is claimed that this kind of classical Chinese dancing has a long history,  going back 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.

And yesterday we saw a contemporary Asian Australian story on stage, called Through a Distant Lens. The story is built around old photographs of early Japanese settlers in for instance Broome. These stories go back more than one hundred years. The early Japanese settlers contributed much to the development of Australia’s north. Apart from narration there is naturalistic acting, soundscapes, film, live music and sound, song dance and photography. The old photographs were wonderful to look at on the large screen. They gave a feeling for this long ago life in the northern parts of Australia.

GetAttachment (2)Peter took the above picture. This is the entrance to the theatre of the Griffin Theatre Company.

GetAttachmentWe did see the story of Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens

in the Griffin Theatre.

Last Monday we went to the movies while our car was being serviced. We saw in the HOYTS Cinemas in Warrawong “The Theory of everything”. Here is the synopsis to this movie from the HOYTS Cinema page:

“Little was expected from Stephen Hawking, a bright but shiftless student of cosmology, given just two years to live following the diagnosis of a fatal illness at 21 years of age. He became galvanized, however, by the love of fellow Cambridge student, Jane Wilde, and he went on to be called the successor to Einstein, as well as a husband and father to their three children. Over the course of their marriage as Stephen’s body collapsed and his academic renown soared, fault lines were exposed that tested the lineaments of their relationship and dramatically altered the course of both of their lives.”

I thought this movie was well worth seeing. It was very interesting to see what sort of relationships Stephen Hawking had to other people and how he is managing this very debilitating sickness of  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (This is when the nerves that control the muscles are shutting down.) Eddie Redmayne played Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. I thought he played this part extremely well.

On Tuesday we were home. We had a very dear visitor on that day. We want to go to Sydney with Bronwyn to see a French movie during the French Film Festival next month.

On Thursday I felt sick all day. I think having to stay with very cold air-conditioning on Wednesday for long periods of time had an adverse effect on my system. I can never stand very cold wind or air-conditioning for more than an hour or two. I don’t know what I can do about this.

On Friday I still did not feel quite all right. I tried to take it easy. Luckily on Saturday I had overcome this flu-like sickness. It was a beautiful warm day. This helped a lot. The play lasted only for an hour. We were having lunch sitting outside in balmy summer weather. During the train ride to Waterfall I sat on the sunny side near the window, plus I was wrapped up warmly enough.

Caroline had giving us free tickets for the play on Valentine’s Day. Apart from lunch we also had a gelato treat at Messina’s and later an excellent cup of coffee in an outside cafe nearby. All in all we had a lovely day with Caroline, while Matthew had to work on that day.


A Friday in December 2013

This was the last Friday before Christmas where I could play Scrabble with my friends. Early in the morning I had gone for a walk in Lakelands Park. Again I took quite a few pictures. I can’t help myself, when I have the camera with me, I usually start taking some pictures and then it just goes on and on.



Ready to play Scrabble
Ready to play Scrabble
We deserve a coffee break.
We  had a coffee break.

Today is again the last Friday before Christmas where we can meet to play our games. We actually do not play only Scrabble, we do also play a few games of Rummy.

Next Friday is going to be the 19th of December. On that day we are going to have a Body Corporate meeting in Wollongong. The following day, on the 20th, we are going to have a Christmas Party for the residents and some previous residents. And for Sunday, the 21st, Peter and I are being invited to a Christmas Luncheon in Sydney.

Christmas Eve we are going to have the family at our place as is traditional for us. Early the following morning on Christmas Day Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I are going to travel to Melbourne in a rented car.

Ah, and I forgot, this coming Sunday, which is the third Sunday of Advent, we are also going to be in Sydney to belatedly celebrate Caroline’s birthday. Last Sunday we went to see Monika for her birthday.

UTA’s DIARY, SATURDAY 15th November 2014







It turned out several family members could come to visit us on Saturday. Caroline had baked a cheese-cake after having gone shopping with Matthew for the ingredients. The cake had just come out of the oven when Ryan and Ebony arrived with Lucas and Baby Alexander. A bit later also Monika and Mark came for afternoon coffee.

Caroline and Matthew had come with us to Dapto on Friday night. Saturday night they went back home to their place in Sydney. Caroline’s Graduation Ceremony had been on Thursday. Wednesday afternoon Peter and I had been arriving in Sydney where we went with Caroline and Matthew to a performance at the Griffin Theatre. We saw EMERALD CITY, a play by David Williamson. On Saturday morning Matthew went for some exams at Wollongong University. Matthew is going to keep working at IKU. And he is going to do some more post graduate studies next year, whereas Caroline stopped working at IKU and started now her full time work at the Griffin Theatre.

Peter and I enjoyed spending a few days in Sydney and being guests at Caroline’s graduation ceremony. Later on that Thursday some of Caroline’s and Matthew’s friends came over. We then celebrated with sparkling wine and snacks.

At the University of New South Wales on Thursday, 13th Nov 2014
At the University of New South Wales on Thursday, 13th Nov 2014