Hiddensee, Baltic Sea, Sommer 1936

All these pictures were taken on Hiddensee at the Baltic Sea during the summer of 1936 when I was a bit less than two. I was there with Mum and Aunty Elsa. Mum wrote into the journal that I was loved bei every one. (‘Uta war der Liebling aller.)


10 thoughts on “Hiddensee, Baltic Sea, Sommer 1936

  1. Hi Uta!! Thank you for your lovely comments on my posts this week. I apologise for not getting back to you sooner but I’ve not been able to spend much time blogging this week with other commitments going on so I’m making up for it now!

    I love your pictures, they are so evocative of an innocent time so long ago. How the world has changed since these were taken. You look so happy in these photos. Lovely!!

    Best wishes, Pam

  2. Thank you Pam, thank you so much. You’re always welcome. I’ll try to come to your posts as often as possible. But as you know at times it can be difficult to keep up with every one
    For me it’s strange to look through all these pictures again and again. They’re so very old by now! Looks like I really seem to have been quite popular as a toddler.

    Best wishes to you too, Uta

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