More Aunties and Uncles and Cousins

This picture was taken on a holiday near Lodz
I can be seen with Ursel and Karl-Heinz, my cousins.
An older sister of Dad, Aunt Jenny and her husband, another Uncle Alred, are in the back. On the left is Charlotte, ,my Mum. It is summer 1937
Horst, Karl-Heinz, Uta (with sun-glasses)

Ursel (Ulla) looks after us.
We all love the hammock.
It’s great fun lying in it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This picture was taken in Lodz on the 26th of May 1937
My two year old cousin Horst seems to like me! It’s not summer yet,Ā  but it must be quite warm already.
Enjoying a bath. These small bath-tubs were quite common in those days. But they are really meant for doing the washing.
Oh, what fun it is to look out of the window.!

– – – – – – –

My cousin Horst, the gardener
My cousin Horst in winter
My cousin Karl-Heinz when he is about two
Dad’s younger brother Ludwig (Onkel Luttek) is visiting in Berlin and takes me for a walk. I am two years old.

In 1939 we were for summer vacation in Zoppot, a Baltic Sea resort.
There were donkey rides available for children. I was overjoyed when I was allowed to have a ride. A lot of Dad’s family spent the holidays with us in a rented apartment in Zoppot. I remember the apartment was in a tower-like building. We were right at the top. Looking out of the window we could sea far out onto the sea.

In September 1938 cousin Ursula came for a visit to Berlin.
I am just four years old., Ursel just turned eleven.
Mum and Ursel with me in Berlin at a building
in a street called ‘Unter den Linden’[/caption]

This photo was taken at a family party, probably in the 1960sĀ  It shows Dad with his three sisters and two brothers.

26 thoughts on “More Aunties and Uncles and Cousins

  1. Jenny and Alfred are of course the parents of Ursula and Karl-Heinz, whereas Elizabeth and Alfred are the parents of Horst.

    Georg and Gerd are the sons of another sister of Dad. Her name is Olga and her husband is Paul

    Dad had three sisters and two brothers. One brother is Onkel Luttek, the other one Onkel Edmund, the one we did see in 1977 in Augsburg.

  2. I loved ALL the pictures, but my favourite has to be the one of you and cousin Horst laughing your heads off while looking out the window šŸ™‚ You were a really adorable kid Aunty Uta !
    I also really liked the one of Horst in winter, and two year old you walking down the street with your uncle šŸ™‚

    1. Imagine, Munira, I may be able to see Horst in a few months time. My brother told me, Horst has been sick. I hope he is all right now. He never answers my emails anymore. My brother Peter and his wife Astrid want to drive us to where Horst lives. We are already quite excited about our planned trip to Germany.
      I am glad you loved the pictures, Munira. Thanks for your comments!

    1. ‘|m sure too, Munira, that we’ll have a great time in Germany. I suppose the things we don’t like so much over there, we can afford to ignore. But there are a lot of things we do like. We are full of plans already, especially for Berlin.

  3. Grape at photos, Aunty Uta. Looks like these were happy times too. Your dad had a big family. Were you able to keep in touch with your cousins after moving to Australia?

    1. With the cousins, that are mentioned here in this post,, I was able to keep in touch. The older ones, Georg, Gerd and Ursula, they are all dead by now. But Karl-Heinz and Horst are still alive. I hope I can see them this year when we are over in Germany.

  4. I just love looking at photos of the past and often look at small details of the period the pictures were taken. It remembers me so much of when we were small, also a large family of 4 brothers and one sister, all still alive but for one brother who died of a blood clot.
    Thanks Uta for allowing a peek in your world of so many years ago.

    1. Thanks, Gerard, for your comment. My father was born in 1904, The youngest in the family was born in 1910. All six siblings are long dead by now.

      I hope I’ll be able to visit the above mentioned cousins, that is Horst and possibly also Karl-Heinz. My father’s second wife is in her 90s now and still alive.I may perhaps be able to visit her as well.. That would be something really special! The last time we saw her was in 1984.

      The last time we saw the cousins was also in 1984. We all met at cousin Ursula’s place. Cousin Georg has been dead for a long time. I had a lot of correspondence with cousin Gerd and cousin Ursula over the years. They died not very long ago, first Ursel and a bit later Gerd.

      I noticed too late that there are two blemishes in the photo of little Horst in the snow. These blemishes are not in the original: They got in accidentally.! A bit of dirt from the back of the pictures ended up in the scanner. I mean I could scan the photo once more to replace the ‘spoiled’ photo that I published. But I think I wont bother with it now.
      You saying, you look at small details, you may have noticed the two little blemishes? In future I have to be more careful to keep the scanner dirt-free!

      1. Speaking of large families, I’d like to add something to this, Gerard.

        My father and all his siblings ended up being married. My father and one of his sisters had three children, all the others had only two children each. The interesting thing is, that the ones with two children, several of them had only one grandchild or none at all! The two brothers of my father had no sons, and my father’s two sons had no sons either. One son i(my brother Bodo) is childless (he never married), the other son, that is my brother Peter, has only one daughter, who has one son. This daughter of my brother decided she wanted her son to keep her father’s family name. This niece of mine lives with the boy’s father, who apparently doesn’t mind that the son doesn’t bear his name but the wife’s family name.

        So much for large families. It seems to me, families in Germany are shrinking. I, here in Australia, am the only one with a larger family (four children) They are astounded in Germany that we could cope with such a large family!

  5. Yes, these photos go back a long way. It shows how old I am. I hope keeping them electronically is going to make them valuable for my descendants.
    Thanks very much, Robyn, for your comment.

  6. Uta, these photos are priceless. I love the one of the hammock because I have a hammock in my back yard and all the grandchildren climb in and pile up and have a ball. And two-year-old Karl-Heinz all dressed up and looking so grown up. It’s fun, too, to see you as a little girl. What a beauty! Thank you for sharing these.

  7. Thank you very much, Pat. Your comments made my day! Comments like yours give me new ideas about other photos I could publish, for instance, I have some lovely photos with grandchildren in our hammock. These other hammock photos are from the 1990s. Maybe I’m going to publish them soon. TY

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bookjunkie. I couldn’t compete with Shirley Temple locks. Just as well Mum made me wear a hat to look cute! I quite like the hat too. I always liked Mum wearing this big black hat, the one she’s holding in her hand in the picture.

  8. I so much love these old photos. It doesn’t matter I don’t know you or your whole family, but to see these pictures just has me dream of a time captured, and no more. They are so precious, Aunty Uta. And of course, so are you – gorgeously sweet! šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Noeleen, thanks for liking these old photos. I hope my descendents are going to to get something out of them. I also like to look at photos of family members who lived before I was even born. We are lucky to have a few such photos. It would be great to have more of them. But I’m grateful for what we have.
      Thanks for thinking I’m sweet. It really boosts my confidence. Trust me, there were times in my life when I didn’t feel confident at all. In some respects I may still be lacking a bit in confidence at times.

  9. Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:

    I just reblogged another post. I cannot help myself, I want to reblog this one too. It contains a lot of old pictures and a lot of comments which I did like to have a look at again.

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