In Memory of a Great-Aunt Marie (Mietze)

Peter, my husband, has some memory of his Grandmother, who  died, when he was only three. Both his parents worked. Peter remembers Tante Mietze, his mother’s aunt, looking after him and his sisters following the death of Grandmother. Tante Mietze was born on the 17th of June 1873. She went into domestic service at age fourteen. She was an important person in his life. He remembers her all the time, but especially on her birthday.

This picture of Tane Mietze’s photo Peter took today. He published a post about her as well. Here is the link to Peter’s post.


We remember Tante Mietze today, 17th June, 2012

3 thoughts on “In Memory of a Great-Aunt Marie (Mietze)

  1. I like the way Peter composed the picture with the flowers and the candle. Tante Mietze gave us this vase during the first year of our marriage. This was 55 years ago! Peter never forgets to put flowers in it on Tante Mietze’s birthday.

  2. Thank you for introducing her to us. These are unsung heroes who helped get us through our journeys early in life. They really should not be forgotten. Now they will not be.

  3. Yes, Mary-Ann, there’s much to remember about this great-aunt. There’s a lovely picture of her with Peter taken in 1958 when this aunt was 85 and Peter was 23. This picture can be seen now at the end of Peter’s post. You find the link to it in my above post.

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