Holidays at Sussex Inlet 1995

We stayed at Sussex Inlet again in August 1995.

What a lovely winter day in August 1995

Monika and Caroline with Troy and Ryan and the little girls Natasha and Roxy.

Another day near the water.
Sitting outside at the table for something to eat
Now look, the water is really nice
Oh, the water is lovely!


Grandma Uta with granddaughter Nr. I, who’s soon going to be four.

We  love to take pictures in front of signs!


There are always kangaroos around at Sussex Inlet
Grandma Uta with Grandpa Peter. How nice to sit in the sun at Sussex Inlet

The units at Sussex Inlet are modern with all conveniences. They are a few steps away from the inlet which goes out into the open sea. But to reach the ‘camp’ you have to travel along a 13 km dirt-road through dense bush area with outlooks here and there to the inlet. We made this trip many times over the years. Each time we get very excited travelling along this road at very low speed and taking in the beautiful scenery.

We often stay at one of the units for one week, but when we go there in the off season we stay for a weekend only. In summer it is marvellous to  stay  for two weeks, and we were able to do this a couple of times. The units accommodate 6 to 8 people. Nowadays they insist that 6 people is the limit. With any more than 6 you have to rent additional units.

I think for this weekend Monika had one unit with her twin sons and two little daughters, and Peter and I had the unit next door with our daughter Caroline. I am  not sure whether Martin and family came along to visit. Sometimes I think we ought to have more pictures to boost the memory. We may have some more pictures some where. The problem is that I do not know where I could find the relevant pictures. Somehow a lot of our pictures are difficult to find. Some of the pictures are just not filed away very well.

The grand-kids, two and three years old in 1995

Big brother is watching his little sisters

This is the other big brother. The girls are lucky to have big twin brothers. Grandma Uta is enjoying herself too