Australian Senior of the Year 2012

  Australian Senior of the Year  

If you go to Gerard’s blog via the above link you can find out all about this special woman in her nineties who became Australian Senior of the Year.

It’s immensely gratifying that she received this award..


7 thoughts on “Australian Senior of the Year 2012

  1. Aunty Uta, I went to Gerard’s site & there’s a photo of an Aboriginal woman but no name – just a link. So I clicked the link & on the left it says ‘Australian of the Year’ and ‘Senior of the Year’ but no names – nothing. Can you maybe put a link on your site? You’ve made me very curious!!

      1. Thank you Aunty Uta. This should be enlightening. I had no idea this woman existed. Absolutely precious, by the sounds. It’s wonderful you’ve highlighted her 🙂

  2. Such an amazing, inspiring post my friend. Thanks for sharing to us a rare gift of inspiration. Age should not stop people from doing what is good, from following their heart and passion. People should never forget that we will all one day grow old and that it is a part of life. We should never forget to show our love and respect for our elders no matter how successful we are or how smarter we are. The richness of a person lies in his heart and soul and not in how may college degrees he/she has. Take care and all blessings to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, dear IT, for this lovely comment. I picked up the story from Gerard’s post. I hope you were able to watch this excellent video about this remarkable 90 year old woman. At age 90 she seems to be still in very good spirits and caring for her people. All the young people look absolutely beautiful and healthy. It’s good to see a healthy, well functioning aboriginal community. Sadly you don’t see this kind of thing in communities where unemployment and alcohol and drugs and lack of education places people into a destitute situation.
      I always love to hear about success stories where people are healthy, happy and smiling.

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