Diary, July 2012

From the first of July to the fourth of July daughter Caroline stayed with us. It was so good to have her at our place for a few days. Matthew had booked into Wollongong University for a daytime Winter Seminar about philosophy. In the evenings he stayed with us. Caroline had always cooked lovely meals for our dinner. She also baked a wonderful cheese cake for desert. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures at home.

On a cold windy day we went for a walk with Caroline along the lake. I asked Peter to take some pictures with my camera. I really like these pictures. I also like the pictures with Gaby in Merrylands. These pictures were already taken two weeks ago. Doesn’t Honey look sweet with that coat on? You  can see it must have been a cold day:

On a cold day Gaby always lets the dog wear this warm coat.

Lake Illawarra

Here now are the Merrylands picture

People can sit on these beautifully arranged tiles that look like a carpet. This seat was very popular with young kids to roam around on. The children are on their winter break at present.
As I said this is Honey with her special coat to keep her warm.


10 thoughts on “Diary, July 2012

    1. I am glad, Pat, that you like looking at my photos. I love to take a walk along Lake Illawarra. Last Tuesday we didn’t walk very far. Even on that part of the walk, where there are a lot of trees, we could feel the cold wind. So we turned around back to the car. Normally we would have walked much further.

  1. Great photos, Aunty. I felt like I was tagging along. Good to see Gaby too. How cold is it where you are right now. We’re having a cool summer in San Francisco.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Mary-Ann. The views across Lake Illawarra are always beautiful, even on a cold windy day. Here in the Illawarra area the night-time temperatures in winter can be below 10 C, I think this is less than 50 F. During the day it may be a bit warmer. But there’s often a windchill factor. The days, when there isn’t any sun at all, are the worst. And even when it isn’t overcast, the sun usually doesn’t warm very much in winter. At present
    many people in our area have to do with colds and flu. So far Peter and I managed to stay healthy. And hopefully this winter won’t last much longer.
    I wonder whether you’d like your summer to be a bit warmer?

  3. Great photos, Aunty Uta – great views. Oh, can so smell the waters, the waters.

    I’m glad you’ve managed to stay healthy so far. We had flu shots at work so I’ve been fine… touch wood. Lake Illawarra seems illustrious.

    You’ve got a quality camera, by the way.

  4. It’s just a very simple digital camera, Noeleen. Of course we cannot make pictures like a professional would, however for us a simple camera like this is the best.


    You can find something in the Wikipedia about our ‘illustrious’ lake.

    I am always glad when the lake doesn’t ‘smell’ too much. Under certain conditions some parts of the lake tend to smell because of effluent.

    This morning I wrote how cold it has been recently. It’s amazing how quickly this can change, at least for a little while. Today for lunch we were able to sit outside in beautiful warm sunshine. However in the shade it was still only 13 Degrees C!

    You and Daniel keep warm right through the winter and stay healthy!

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