Diary, July 2012

A few weeks ago I gave up walking with Irene.  I just couldn’t walk as fast as she any more. I felt I was holding her back. In the meantime Peter offered to walk with me at my own pace. We’ve done this now a few times in the morning soon after breakfast. This morning we were lucky: The sun came out. We saw everything in this wonderful light. Peter took the above  pictures this morning. They show parts of our walk. Later on he snatched a photo of me catching some sun at the front of out house. Since our place is at the back of the complex we feel pretty private sitting in front of the house. In winter we often have our morning tea there to catch the beautiful warm sunshine. Here in Australia we’re still in the midst of winter!

15 thoughts on “Diary, July 2012

  1. You and Peter inspire me every time. From the walks, to the tea time, to the travels and sharing of sunrises to the sharing of hobbies like photography. Love can be forever. Thank you for reminding us that it is possible. Best wishes to your family.

    1. You are right, IT, it’s very important to share things. As a retired couple we have plenty of time together and we like this. Thank you so much for commenting.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you feel you can’t keep up with Irene any more Uta, but I’m glad that you are spending some morning time with Peter instead. And that sunshine! Wow…you’re lucky to be able to sunbathe in Winter!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. Thanks, dear Pam. The other day, when the sun was out, I even went for a swim in the open air solar heated pool. Every bit of sun we can catch in winter is very welcome.

  3. It is discouraging when you can’t keep up. I am so glad you have a welcome walking companion in Peter. Good to get out in the air and walk and talk. I am so undisciplined that I have to walk inside my house so I am unaware of how far I still have to go with my walk. I only glance at the clock every now and then. I walk for 30 to 60 min depending on how much time i have for that walking session. It;s hard to build the desire to do it, at least for me. but i tell myself what i tell my students. you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to want to, just do it anyway. hang in there—wishing you sunshine and lovely days. ❤

    1. Thanks, Kate. Yes, we had lovely sunshine the past few days. This was very welcome indeed. Yesterday morning (Sunday) we received very shocking news:. Gaby, our daughter, had died quite suddenly. We couldn’t believe it, that this was true. She was full of beans as always. And then suddenly her life was cut short. It was so unexpectedly. It’s going to take quite a while before we can come to terms with it. At the moment we are all very upset, not only her family but everyone who got to know and love her.

  4. You know, Aunty Uta, I can never get enough of photos of others’ lives: true. The morning looks like it was brilliant, so fresh. Yes, we are in the middle of winter. I used to LOATHE winter, I felt depressed when it descended on our part of the world, and it so reminded me of cold cold Melbourne days. But no more. I see the beauty,

    When I first read, I thought ‘why doesn’t Irene slow down for you?’ but then to realise Pete has stepped in, I realise “things really DO happen for a reason”. You & Pete must have such a special time, walking. Great shots, tell Pete 🙂

    1. Good Morning, Noeleen!
      Wishing you a sunny, joyful Sunday in Melbourne. Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, I told Peter that you liked the shots. He insists the pics aren’t really good quality. He reckons he should use a better camera. But to me the picss seem perfect.
      About Irene, I should tell you that she often had to slow down for me. But this made me feel bad when she had to do this too often. This walk I do now with Pete in the morning is a walk which takes me about twenty minutes. He tells me it’s only about 1 and 1/2 km! This shows you how slowly I walk these days.
      Irene is still a good friend of mine. I miss the walks with her because we had always a lot to tell each other. And of course we speak only English. This was always the only English conversation I had on a daily basis. because Pete speaks mainly German to me.

      1. Oh, I’m sure Irene is a good friend (still)! It was just my impulsive first thought, is all. But it turned out just great.

        The pics are perfect, I agree.

        I never imagined you speaking mostly German all the time. I guess you would value that English conversation then. But you obviously read a lot of English daily 🙂

        Have a wonderful Sunday, Aunty Uta.

  5. Both Peter and I read and write mostly in English, also most programs on TV and movies are mainly in English. However we also keep up with quite a bit of German reading and writing, and we watch German news programs and movies on TV. You can say that we’re bi-lingual. I believe this opens up our view of the world. I sometimes feel somewhat disadvantaged though because of a lack of friends with whom I can have ordinary day to day conversations. The contacts we have with our children are usually in English. However we do not have daily contacts with any of our children.
    This brings me to some very sad news. Just when I had finished replying to your comment yesterday morning we received a phone-call from Gaby’s longtime friend David: Gaby passed away in the early hours of the morning! I fill you in with more details at some other time. It was a greatly shocking day yesterday for our whole family. Immediately lots and lots of people gave all of us tremendous support. We are very grateful for this.
    Gaby was loved by hundreds of people and will be sadly missed.

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