About Mindfulness

I find calm and inner peace reflecting on something like this. We found this verse the other day when we were walking with Caroline around the Nan Tien Temple.

We took the following photos after we had a very satisfying vegetarian lunch in the temples downstairs tea-rooms.


8 thoughts on “About Mindfulness

  1. What a beautiful place. Your photos are wonderful. Vegetarian lunch sounds just right. I would love it.

    I think the “mind” poem got it right. Good advice.

  2. Glad you liked it, Pat. These verses helped me to feel more grounded. I could have gone the other way with having been hit with so many disconcerting things during the last few days in connection with the estate of our deceased daughter. So it was wonderful to come across these pics just when I needed them. I decided then on the spur of the moment to share them in my blog. The pics were taken at the beginning of the month when we stopped at the Nan Tien Temple after having picked up our daughter Caroline from a train station. The surroundings of the temple always make us feel good..

  3. Are you travelling, Aunty Uta? This isn’t in Australia, is it?

    ‘Accept adversity with joy in your mind’ – now there’s a challenge!

    Beautiful, Aunty Uta.

    1. Hi Noeleen, this Nan Tien Temple is just a ten minute drive away from where we live! I think it is the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. However Peter and I are going to travel to Berlin in two weeks. I hope to do some blogging from over there. You see, we’re going to visit family and friends. It’s a bit mind boggling so soon after Gaby’s passing. However we had done the booking a long time ago. Maybe the diversion is going to be good for us. I’m sure it’s going to be mostly good!
      This thing about ‘adversity’, Yes, I think you can let it bring you down, or you face it. I don’t know whether to face it with joy is always possible, but maybe if you accept your fate some kind of joy about life can be always there.
      Just think how much adversity Gaby, our beautiful quadriplegic daughter, had to face! If that wasn’t a challenge for her, I don’t know anything. And she managed to find joy in her life!

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