Friendship or Love

Here is a very enjoyable video. This should brighten every ones day!

8 thoughts on “Friendship or Love

  1. I so like this video, this is why I pressed the ‘like’ button. This is a very successful video and has apparently been made in many different versions to be shared by people all over the world. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it too!

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    How on earth did they get the dog to act like that? He was awesome! This is so beautiful. I love animals interacting with each other 🙂

    1. I know, Noeleen, you do,love animals interacting. When I saw this video I was straight away thinking of you and Daniel, that both of you would love it..
      You’re right, this video is just gorgeous. I am sure a lot of other bloggers are going to love it too. It would really be a gorgeous video for young kids to watch too.

      1. I just hope, dear Noeleen, you and Daniel are having a very enjoyable weekend,. And thank you for all your comments. Lots of Love from ‘Aunty’ Uta

  3. I loved the music too, Deborah. Goes very well with the pictures. I think the singer is Greek, singing in English. Great how this enhances the story! I’m sure your granddaughters are going to love watching it.

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