Remembering June 2010

This is getting serious now, namely our departure for Berlin. Just now I looked at all the photos we took in June 2010 while we were over there. There’s very good public transport in Berlin. We traveled by suburban train, bus, underground or tram.

A Berlin underground-train

and this is a Berlin tram

You can also travel by boat. Berlin has many, many water-ways.
On the right is a suburban train, on the left an inter-city train (Regional-Bahn)
Wall-Decoration at an underground train-station
Waiting for the underground, usually between two and three minutes!
Entrance to an underground station
Peter at Brandenburg Gate
Concert Hall at Gendarmen Markt
Peter at Gendarmen-Markt
Uta at Gendarmen-Markt
Still the Gendarmen-Markt
A sign for an a Italian Coffee Shop
Here we had some very good coffee.
Sculptures to remember the children who had to escape Berlin during WW II
Peter on balcony of holiday flat
Humboldt’s Home, may be open for visitors on a Monday

In 2010 we stayed in Berlin for about one month, and for one week we stayed at my brother’s place ca. 100 km north of Berlin. On our next trip we’re going to stay in Berlin for two months and also for one week at my brother’s place which is in a very secluded little hamlet surrounded by wonderful waterways and wooded areas. I hope I’ll be able to walk a lot. Peter is planning on doing some running.

Looking at photos from Berlin from 2010 brings back memories. I wonder how many pictures we’ll be able to shoot on our next trip! In about 15 days there may be some postings from Berlin. So stay tuned for this!

12 thoughts on “Remembering June 2010

    1. Hi Elisabeth, I just read about your experiences with the French language during your stay in Paris. Our experience in Paris was that a lot of people understood quite a bit of English. But sometimes it was quite difficult to find the right word. When I misplaced my glasses, I asked them whether they had seen ‘les specs’.
      Peter and I still haven’t forgotten our German. So communication in Berlin is not going to be a problem. However we find that over 50 years or so the language seems to have changed a little bit. This is why our way of speaking German probably sounds a bit old fashioned to the locals.

  1. love these photos! I am really looking forward to the photos and news of your next adventure there. We have been to Frankfort, Heidelberg(where I really believed folks would be walking around singing like in The Student Prince), Rottberg (I think I have that right) Stuttgard, Munich, a number of the castles….But never to Berlin—so I am traveling vicariously with you…and loving every minute.

    1. That’s great, Kate, yes please, come on a trip with me very soon! Only a few hours ago I traveled vicariously with The Emu to some ancient aboriginal sites. I tell you, this is quite mind boggling!

    1. In zehn Tagen treten wir unsere grosse Reise an. Dann werde ich bald neue Bilder von unserem Ferienort schicken. Thank you for commenting, dear Gislinde, Best wishes, Uta.

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