First of November


Beginning of a new month.

We travelled again by U-Bahn (underground) yesterday. This is an excellent connection for going anywhere in Berlin. A friend of ours, who was recently in Berlin, says ‘her heart sings’ when she goes by U-Bahn. The trains come in at great speed and leave at a very fast pace. At peak hour the trains are often very crowded even though they come in every three to four minutes and are quite long trains on top of it. Yesterday we caught a train where we had one section of it to ourselves. What luxury! We took pictures. We thought of the stranded New Yorkers who have to cope without their underground at present. Lots of them are without power and some even without water. What an awful situation. They are a resilient people and determined to do what ever is necessary to bring everything back to normal. I wish them all the best that their suffering wont last too long.

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