Peter’s Facebook Comment

Yesterday we went to the underground station at ‘Platz der Luftbrücke’.

The following is what Peter wrote in a Facebook note.

‘This station was originally called “Kreuzberg”. When they built the “Tempelhof Airport” it was called “Flughafen”.

After the Blokade and the Airlift of 1948 / 49 they renamed it again. This time it became “Platz der Luftbrueke” in memory of the Airlift

It is the only station without ceiling support. When I was a little boy, during the war, we children went their every evening to pick up our mother after she came back from work.’

This underground station is in the area where Peter grew up. He has so many memories about this place.

Close by is a memorial for the Luftbrücke

You can read all about the Airlift here.

8 thoughts on “Peter’s Facebook Comment

    1. Peter has been on Facebook for quite some time. I say, it keeps him pretty busy. It is a good way to get information about what the younger generations are up too!

    1. Grüsse zurück, liebe Gislinde. Wir sind jetzt das letzte Wochende hier in Berlin, in einer Woche sind wir in MecklenburgVorpommern und in zwei Wochen sind wir zurück in Australien!

  1. I can remember when they built the memorial. So many airmen died during the airlift and Berliners, at least my genration, will not forget. The blokade was a turning point in history as the West had to decide what to do about the Communist threat from the East. As the Berliners made it clear, at a large rally on the 9. September 1948, that they wanted to be part of the West.

    West-Berlin always was a thorn in the flesh of the Sovieit Empire and finally in November 1989 die division of Berlin, Germany and the world came to an end.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Berlioz Peter. I remember very well, how excited we were in Australia, when the wall came down. It was a history changing event.

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