This Dumpling Lunch was very enjoyable
This Dumpling Lunch was very enjoyable
I had chosen the vegetarian option for myself
I had chosen the vegetarian option for myself
This I wrote two months ago:

‘ Peter and I went to Prenzlauer Berg on Tuesday and had dumplings at a restaurant near Rosenthalerplatz.

Wednesday it was time to travel Criss-Cross-Through-the-Country to Munich for my cousin’s Urn-Burial on Thursday. On Friday we travelled back to Berlin. Travelling time was about nine hours. We just had to change trains frequently. That way we were able to travel at a much reduced price. For the two nights in Munich we stayed with my cousin’s family. We love this family. They are such friendly people. Even though it was a very sad occasion to meet them, we still had a good time with them.’

I remember on that Tuesday I had planned to have a much needed haircut. After our lovely dumpling lunch I looked for a hairdresser. There was a place just down the road near Prenzlauer Berg. They gave me a number and asked me to wait till my number was called. After about one hour my number still hadn’t been called. Two of the four hairdressers in the shop had left by then, presumably to have lunch. I decided I didn’t want to wait around any longer. I left the shop without having had a haircut.

The following day we traveled to Munich for my cousin’s Urn-Burial on Thursday. Soon after breakfast on Thursday my cousin’s family decided they needed something from the shopping center. I asked to be taken along so that maybe I could go looking for a haircut. I didn’t have to look for long. This place was right where we had come into the shopping center. DIGITAL CAMERAThe place looked busy. However one of the hairdressers saw to me straight away. About fifteen minutes later I had had my haircut while the others had gone for their errands. Drying the hair was not included in the price but I was offered to use one of their hairdryers for drying the hair by myself. I felt so much better after that little trim to my hair!

My hair grows extremely slowly. Now, after exactly two months, I still haven’t had another haircut. The Munich haircut still suits me rather well. I remember the last haircut before the Munich haircut I’ve had in July just before our daughter’s funeral service.

4 thoughts on “Haircuts

    1. Oh, you can have this service included if you pay for it extra. I was happy to be able to dry the hair myself. The haircut cost me 23 Euros plus I gave a tip of 2 Euros. I think to provide the hairdryer was service enough for me. I didn’t..fancy to top up on the cost. I always try to keep the cost low if at all possible. I mean drying your hair with a hairdryer after washing your hair is no big deal. I do it at home all the time. By the way I forgot to mention that the girl did wash my hair! This was included in the service. In Australia I would have had to pay extra if I wanted my hair washed at the hairdresser’s.
      Hi Emu, dear friend, I guess where you are it’s pretty hot by now?

  1. Isn’t it remarkable how much better one can feel after a good clip? It always makes me feel better. I usually pass on the blow dry because I don’t like the way they style it. At home I let it dry without the aid of a dryer.

    1. Hi, Pat, thanks for commenting. On a cold day I am only too grateful for a blow dry. I don’t like going out with wet hair when it’s cold and windy.

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