A Walk through the Botanic Gardens in Berlin

Peter and I have visited quite a few Botanic Gardens in a lot of different cities but somehow we had never made it to visit the Botanic Gardens in Berlin. On Saturday, October 20th, this year we finally did walk through these gardens in Berlin. A dear friend of ours came along with us.DIGITAL CAMERADSCN4781DSCN4784DSCN4779DSCN4786DSCN4787DSCN4788DSCN4789DSCN4790DSCN4793

8 thoughts on “A Walk through the Botanic Gardens in Berlin

  1. The gardens look absolutely beautiful and love the photographs. Autumn is my favourite time of the year – simply because of the wonderful colours of the trees. Anyway, if I ever get to Berlin I’ll be visiting the Botanic Gardens on your recommendation…

  2. I’m glad you liked the photos, dear Munira. Did you notice the water bottle I’m holding? I was relieved that I took some water to drink on this long walk. I really needed this!

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