Looking up Aunty Uta’s Childhood Memories

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  1. auntyutaJuly 30, 2011 at 1:54 am Edit #

    With hubby’s help I managed last night to add some of the continuation of my memories 1943/1944. Over the past five years or so I saved quite a few pages of memory writing in Open Office. So far my writing is not very well organised and needs more editing. When I started with memory writing I did it hoping that maybe some of my grand-children and great-grand-children might be interested in reading it later on.

    Hubby and I joined a writers’ group for a number of years. When this stopped, I stopped writing since nobody seemed to be interested to read any new writing of mine on a regular basis. In the writers’ class we were given lots of encouragement by a qualified tutor! Recently I always found excuses why it wasn’t important to keep writing. Somehow there were constantly other things that took priority.

    I’m glad now that my niece encouraged me to try blogging.

  2. muniraAugust 2, 2011 at 1:01 am Edit #

    What an incredible story Aunty Uta. I loved reading every word. Somehow, listening to or reading someone’s stories of the past is so much better and that much more evocative compared to a history book. I felt transported to a different world as I read this post.
    I’m glad you started blogging. It’s very commendable and your memories are amazingly vivid.

  3. auntyutaAugust 3, 2011 at 9:55 am Edit #

    Thank you very much. Your reply made my day. I started reading some of your blogs and enjoyed them very much. Blogging for sure opens different worlds for us, doesn’t it? I try to read as much as possible. I loved it that you included old family pictures. I hope that some day in the not so distant future I may manage to add some of my old family pictures. I’m going on 77 and there’s still so much to learn. Yet I have to try to take it easy. I have to accept that certain things take longer as you get older. When I change trains at Central Station in Sydney for instance it takes me much longer to proceed along the stairways than most other people. I JUST HAVE TO TAKE IT A BIT SLOWER THAN ALL THE YOUNGER PEOPLE: And that’s it. As long as I can manage a little bit, it’s better than nothing.I enjoy my life.I can honestly say I am grateful for every day that’s still given to me

    Today is the 22nd of January 2013

    I thought the other day I should go back to writing more about my childhood memories. I do not like so much to write about the present when I have to be constantly aware that I shouldn’t say things about people who are still alive because they mightn’t like what I tell about them. Another way to avoid offending people would be to fictionalize all my writing. I sometimes do change a few names. However I am usually reluctant to do this. I get all confused when I don’t know whether to just change names or fictionalize my writing all together.

    Since I looked up what I published here at world.press way back in July 2011, I thought it would be interesting to copy it so that my new readers could read it. I noticed Munira was one of my earliest readers. I’ve copied here her comment to my childhood memories. To me this comment is very interesting. I couldn’t copy all of what I had written in July 2011. But for bloggers who would like to read these memories, please look them up in the archives under July 2011.

4 thoughts on “Looking up Aunty Uta’s Childhood Memories

  1. Our childhood memories are so vivid – and it was such a different world. I, too, have been encouraged by my daughter and granddaughters to write it down, and we have also been writing down my mother’s memories while there is still time to ask her about things that aren’t clear.

    1. Thanks very much, dear Cat, for this comment. It was a different world, all right. It’s great that you can still ask your mother about things .Maybe she can tell you things about your grandparents too. I don’t know all that much about all the grandparents and about great-grandparents i know hardly anything at all. Even as concerning my parents’ life there are certain gaps. I wished I could still ask them. But they’d both be well past 100 if they were still alive!.

  2. Keep it up! I know it is hard to keep writing when you feel you have no audience. But WordPress will bring you an audience, I’m sure.

    I’ve been working on a memoir/biography about my mother. It’s been a long process, many fits and starts and redo’s. I fictionalized my latest version and that has opened up enormous possibilities. It was the only way for me to throw the monkey off my back of a certain, key, still living relative. ;-o

    1. Yes, I know when writing memoirs you may have to consider the feelings of certain living relatives. I face the same difficulty. I also feel that with some memories it may be a good idea to fictionalize a bit, change names and perhaps places and dates. But on the other hand this may be a bit confusing for my descendants if they want to find out about the life of their actual forbears.
      Thanks for your encouragement, dear Rangewriter. 🙂

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