Exhaustion – Sleepiness – Stamina

I wished I had more stamina!

I get tired so easily. And at times I do get very exhausted, physically as well as mentally. Very often some kind of sleepiness overcomes me during the day because of it. If I have then the chance for a little nap, that’s wonderful!

Sometimes I feel so exhausted that I go to bed much too early in the evening, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep!

My observation is that my husband has a lot more stamina than I have. His sleeping pattern differs too: He usually sleeps for between seven to eight hours, whereas I sleep usually for only six hours, sometimes even a bit less than this.

Maybe we should have separate bedrooms so I won’t disturb him when I wake up early!

18 thoughts on “Exhaustion – Sleepiness – Stamina

  1. Hi Auntyuta….I did have to get separate bedrooms just to get sleep, it doesn’t have to be permanent! I found that I could get to sleep better without the disturbance and after I got more rested, we could move back to our normal sleeping arrangements….Hoping you get some much needed rest and more energy!

    1. Thanks for your concern. You’re right, it doesn’t have to be permanent. I must say it’s definitely nice to have normal sleeping arrangements! At the same time I’m working on it to get my much needed rest and hopefully a bit more energy. I had recently problems with my gums and a really bad tooth. Having seen my dentist during the week and having had the offending tooth extracted, may help to make me soon feel much better again.

  2. I guess a lot of the time I am rather active considering my advanced age. Yes, I do like a bit of napping now and then. Peter and I, we both went to see our dentist in Sydney today. The appointment was for 3,30 pm. Peter’s one hour procedures came first, while I stayed in the waiting room reading some items in a magazine about healthy living. After a while I got so tired I actually did fall asleep for a few minutes! I had one tooth which gave me heaps of trouble. The dentist decided then, the tooth had to come out. I was glad that he could do it straight away. An artificial tooth is going to be placed on my dentures to fill the gap. Tomorrow afternoon I can pick them up already.

  3. Debra, I just looked up LOL on WordWeb. They say: Laugh out loud!
    The dentist told me to take it easy for a day. So now I LOL! I am very determined to LOL. Great idea, I reckon.

  4. I somehow really approve the idea of separate bedrooms! šŸ™‚ Wish my parents had separate bedrooms…..they too have very different sleeping cycles and habits. I think they’d get along much better with some distance!

    1. Thanks, dear Munira, for being so understanding. We have three bedrooms, however one is being used as a computer room, Absolutely no spare room in this one. The third bedroom is rather small. The good thing about it is, there are no electronic gadgets in it. The disadvantage is, it has at present only a fold-down sofa in it. Maybe I could get used to it to have to fold it down every evening and setting it up again in the morning!

  5. Hi Auntyuta been away for a while but good to see you travelling again. Sleep is very important hope you are rested well today. Pace yourself sound advice
    Take care Sheila

  6. Oh, Aunty Uta, I think you’ve had enormous stamina in your life; I do, I do. I reckon take a break as you need to.

    I like that we are both early risers, LOL šŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for this comment, Noeleen. Oh yes, even as a teenager I tended to be an early riser. I’ve had a very relaxing weekend. Deliberately just relaxed, relaxed, relaxed. Whatever chores I didn’t do over the weekend, can wait till the weekend is over. I had a very good sleep too. Just great. And I enjoyed a lot of sunshine over the weekend. Hope your weekend was good too, Noeleen, and Daniel could enjoy it as well. Both of you have a really good week now! Love, Aunty Uta.

  8. I found this post so interesting as I too am trying to build up my stamina and improve my sleep patterns. I am quite the night owl but find it impossible to wake up in the morning. It’s like torture to wake up.

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